British food industry demands empty pockets

Garments ruined because of forgotten pens and markers have been a big issue in the laundry industry for decades. More recently the demand of empty pockets has come from the food industry where the tiniest pieces can become significant problems. “The recent years we have had more and more potential customers asking us specifically if we can offer them X-ray...


Inwatec at Tinderbox 2017 – Tech Talent Job Camp

Once again we will participate at the Tech Talent Job Camp at Tinderbox 2017 and look forward to meeting more enthusiastic and talented people who are interested in a future...


Laundry business news

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Sorting and packing

  • Updated: Inwatec Robot Separator for Laundries

    Inwatec presents the Inwatec Robot Separator: Automatic separator robot for laundries. Items will be separated one by one. The items are loaded bulk into the robot. On the 31st of March 2017, we packed the truck with the first Inwatec Robot Separator leaving Hvidkærvej


  • Safety is top priority at Berendsen

    In the Danish laundry and textile services group, Berendsen, Clean Room business with washing, rental and maintenance of clean room clothing and accessories among other things, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device

Case Stories

  • Airport X-Ray is not optimal for sorting of garments

    The type of X-ray machines found in airports worldwide operates brilliantly at new02spotting unwanted objects hidden in pockets and bags. But without associated software to interpret the scans, the performance is wholly dependent on the human watching the screen.

  • Innovation is a condition for growth

    In the Dutch laundry company Rentex Awé, there is no room for stagnation. Even when everything in the production line functions as it ought to, the family behind the business

  • Laundries are looking for comfortable and stylish working clothes

    The Scandinavian design is worldwide in great demand, unexceptional when it comes to working clothes. And the new trend is different leasing solutions – especially in the industrial laundries

About Inwatec

Service and tutorials

  • X-Ray Machine: ‘Check reject’ module – Video Tutorial

    The operator can accept manually the garment, even if it was rejected by the software and prevents therefore a sorting out the certain garment. ‘Reject’ (red)  and ‘Accept’ (green) buttons

  • Tutorial – Inwatec automatic Mat unloader

    1.      A trolley with mats is placed inside the machine 2.       Switch the machine on 3.      The unloading process runs automatically 4.      The mats get pulled out of the trolley

  • Mat Rollers – Service and Tutorials

    Below you will find different tutorials on how to operate and make adjustments to your Mat Roll Machines. Feel free to contact us anytime via mail if you miss anything.

  • Vortex Tutorial 6 – correct coning

    Mats that tend to cone, can be handled with a trick Put the coning side of the mat slightly higher and re-roll the mat This will adjust for effects that

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