Big thank you for attending our Open House Event!

Family, friends, business partners and supporters, thank you for the fantastic Open House Event on 5th of May. We were over the moon excited that so many of you are interested in our business and development and appeared at our new headquarter at Hvidkaervej 30 in Odense to celebrate with us.

It was a pleasure for all laundry nerds to meet and greet our guests and to give a short guided tour and introduction through the new spaciousnesses.

Moreover, we were happy to host Peter Rahbæk Juel, the mayor of Odense, who held a short speech about Inwatec and the laundry business.

“It is companies like yours who provide jobs and growth in Odense, and today a new chapter begins in Inwatec’s history. A chapter that shows growth and a promising future,” mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel said at the opening.

“With growth, the need for skilled labour follows, and many find that employees are not plentiful. In other words, we face a serious challenge of having enough skilled talent for the robot industry. But at Inwatec you collaborate with local education institutions to train future employees and that way you have gathered brilliant talents from all over Europe. At the same time, I know that you focus on using local subcontractors, and that combination has provided you with a sound basis for making technological solutions that no-one else in the world can match.”

“You have created unique products and found a niche where you export to countries all over the world. You should be very proud of that, and at least, I am proud to house a company like Inwatec in Odense Municipality,” Peter Rahbæk Juel finished.

With around 150 participants the event was a full success for all of us. We want to thank each one of you who gave us a chance to meeting and welcoming you! We hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the program.

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