Inwatec gears up the management team

On August 1, Inwatec has employed 39-year-old Jørgen Jensen as Chief Operating Officer in the effort to keep up with the current success – and to enhance growth as planned.

Jørgen Jensen comes from a position as Head of Industry & Foods at Frontmatec A/S, one of Inwatec’s suppliers and therefore he already has insight into Inwatec’s product line for the international laundry industry. His primary focus as COO at Inwatec will be to ensure that daily operations are running efficiently.

“Given the development of recent years, we also need to upscale the management, and Jørgen gets an important position in that regard. He is a trained engineer and has worked as a software programmer before turning the management way. Consequently, he has a good understanding of all the tasks in an organisation like ours,” says CEO Mads Andresen, who himself looks forward to focusing even more on the technological development.

Mads Andresen concludes that the structure of Inwatec should remain as flat as possible, to maintain the direct way from idea to action, and that is one of the reasons why the new COO is pleased to be a part of the team.

“Inwatec has gone from 2 to 25 men in a few years. It is evident that if we stick to the plan and expand even further, there is an increased need to hold onto the leashes to ensure everyone does what they do best. And of course we have to do that in a way where we continue to be a very innovative and agile company,” says Jørgen Jensen, who has management experience from a company with more than 40 employees.

“My strength is that I have extensive experience in executing many parallel projects and at the same time ripening the organisation in a way where employees get the best framework for developing. I have followed Inwatec’s development as a supplier, and I look forward to being part of a company that focuses so much on the innovative robot- and automation solutions. Inwatec has vast ambitions and, in my belief, potential is also enormous and it suits my nature well,” says Jørgen Jensen, a resident of Kolding, together with his wife and the couple’s two children in 2 and 5 years.

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