Inwatec in the news: Lots of graduates from nearby University

The local news broadcaster TV 2 Fyn visited Inwatec last week to make a story about our many talented employees who mainly come from the nearby University, SDU.

Unfortunately, the story is without subtitles why it’s the most fun for our Danish-speaking audience…

The main line is that the Danish system of education might face a change that favours the faculties where most students have a job shortly after the last exam.

One of the success stories in that regard is the Robot-engineers from SDU who are very likely to get a job because of the booming robot industry in Odense.

At Inwatec we are very fond of our collaboration with SDU, and we are happy to be mentioned for having made contracts with a total of 19 very green, but also very smart graduates straight from the University.

“The graduates are most certainly an asset to our company. They make a significant impact on our culture, but also on the products that we develop. We are at the forefront of many of the technologies that are developed,” Inwatec CEO, Mads Andresen says.

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