Laundries are looking for comfortable and stylish working clothes

The Scandinavian design is worldwide in great demand, unexceptional when it comes to working clothes. This year at the international Texcare fair the company Kentaur represented its products in Frankfurt am Main. They are specialised in producing professional and working clothes.

However, the interests are not in just fulfilling the own expectation, moreover, the company is looking for specific products to realize both, the own expectations and the expectations of their customers.

“The leasing-solution is going crazy. Especially in Germany, where the number of industrial laundries is increasing and therefore the demand for working clothes as well. Instead of buying the working clothes, companies start to rent the working clothes and send them back for the cleaning and washing procedures. In the beginning the purchase rate was about 75 % and the leasing rate has been just about 25 %. These rates changed to 50 % purchasing rate and 50% leasing rate, and this trend is increasing”, said Bernt Dahl, the managing director.

The Japanese designer Masaaki Minamishima was hired at Kentaur for more new creativity and innovation. According to Bernt Dahl, this will push the trend further, especially through Europe it will grow. The working clothes are going to be equipped with all the important details to ensure an optimal working condition for employees and nonetheless the working clothes are stylish as well.

Design and functionality play an important role


“We contend that there are high interests for smart functionality, therefore it is very important to us, that all products are made of textiles which can be easily washed and cared. So even if we decide to use some leather materials, it happens under the conditions that it can be washed and cared in the same way as it will be for other textile materials. Our competences are especially strong in design and usage of textiles to maintain a good quality and an optimal and easy handling of clothes in laundries. This demand has increased since the last years”, told Bernt Dahl.

“The cooks are far ahead in this trend and the waiters are following. This trend development is going through whole Europe. According to our order books we can claim, that the Scandinavian design from Ireland is very sought in Italy and Israel. Our customers support this statement that this development is obviously visible and we do appreciate that”, told Bernt Dahl, who realized that the customers are not just existing in the food/restaurant area.

“We recognize as well, that the clothes and the cleaning are different in the south of Europe. Customers are looking for more joyful colours. Nevertheless, the functionality must be ensured. The old models are running out for the benefit of smart working clothes. The Scandinavian Design is catching up very fast, because the focus is on the functionality and the priority which relies on handling easily the working clothes”, stated Bernt Dahl.

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