Big thank you for attending our Open House Event!

Family, friends, business partners and supporters, thank you for the fantastic Open House Event on 5th of May. We were over the moon excited that so many of you are interested in our business and development and appeared at our new headquarter at Hvidkaervej 30 in Odense to celebrate with us.

It was a pleasure for all laundry nerds to meet and greet our guests and to give a short guided tour and introduction through the new spaciousnesses.

Moreover, we were happy to host Peter Rahbæk Juel, the mayor of Odense, who held a short speech about Inwatec and the laundry business.

“It is companies like yours who provide jobs and growth in Odense, and today a new chapter begins in Inwatec’s history. A chapter that shows growth and a promising future,” mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel said at the opening.

“With growth, the need for skilled labour follows, and many find that employees are not plentiful. In other words, we face a serious challenge of having enough skilled talent for the robot industry. But at Inwatec you collaborate with local education institutions to train future employees and that way you have gathered brilliant talents from all over Europe. At the same time, I know that you focus on using local subcontractors, and that combination has provided you with a sound basis for making technological solutions that no-one else in the world can match.”

“You have created unique products and found a niche where you export to countries all over the world. You should be very proud of that, and at least, I am proud to house a company like Inwatec in Odense Municipality,” Peter Rahbæk Juel finished.

With around 150 participants the event was a full success for all of us. We want to thank each one of you who gave us a chance to meeting and welcoming you! We hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the program.

We’re Going Down Under to be All-over

Innovative machines that can do good laundries even better are sought after all over the world. Inwatec has delivered trustworthy automation from the northern states of Canada, down to the southern states of USA, all over Europe to China, and now the word has spread even more.

As a consequence, technical sales representative Finn Hahn has already left to Australia, where CEO Mads Andresen will follow him. The two are going to meet with a new potential business partner for a talk about the possibilities of an Oceanian set-up shortly.

“Obviously it’s always exciting to break new ground. Since we launched our first machine, we have had the entire world as our marketplace. We have proven since that it’s no problem for us to deliver on time far away, and our set-up for remote service easily allows us to help customers no matter if they reside in Denmark or Sydney,” say Mads Andresen.

“On the other hand, there is no doubt that a good, regional sales- and service organization can help us move quicker and more efficiently into a region. We need a future-minded partner who can use their thorough knowledge of the customer to pick and present the right innovative solutions from our program,” Mads Andresen continues.

The Inwatec CEO underlines that the business strategy is to open new markets with clever innovations, and that requires open ears and minds from everyone involved in the communication with the laundries.

“Any partner or potential representative should understand the laundry business in a way so that they can help us to develop even better solutions in the future,” concludes Mads Andresen who together with Finn Hahn will return to Denmark just in time to attend our Open House event.

Inwatec attends multiple companies dating events

Full motivated and ready to handle new projects in our new building with open-spaced offices and a bigger workshop, we are looking forward to welcoming more talented people at Hvidkærvej 30. Just at the right time, the University of Southern Denmark hosted numerous opportunity to meet and greet new talented graduates beforehand.

Our first stop was at the Career Day this March. “The event allows us as an employer the opportunity to present our business and projects and of course to increase the awareness of Inwatec. At the same time, we get the chance to get to know people right away and to have short conversations about their interests and plans which might be interesting for us as well. We are expanding fast, and more projects require more talented and motivated people at Inwatec”, said Sophie Ingemann Aagaard, Human Resource Manager at Inwatec.



The SDU Company Dating continued the support program further and provided students a unique opportunity to make closer contact with local, national and global companies. Mads Andresen (CEO) and Sophie Ingemann Aagaard (HR) from Inwatec were present to answer questions and pick up impulses from interested students.




Our last stop this month was at the SDU Business Brunch and Praxis- & Project day at the TEK.









The idea of the Business Lunch is to create a pleasant atmosphere at which students and company representatives are networking over a light brunch. “We had quite a few fascinating conversations, and we were impressed to see and meet graduates looking forward to contributing their knowledge in this business. And the main advantage is to talk from face to face and get to know the students a little bit more”, told Sophie Ingemann Aagaard, Human Resource Manager at Inwatec. 
The Praxis- & Project day focused more on the students studying Bachelor or Master in Engineering or Robotics. The perfect spot for Inwatec to present the business and to get in touch with talented students and graduates interested in this niche. “With our partner Odense Robotics next to us, we were impressed how many students showed up and were curious about our business niche, and what we are offering as an employer to fresh graduates,” said Mads Andresen, CEO of Inwatec. People who are excited in automation, robotics, and programming are always a welcoming enhancement.

Strong support by our new trainee & Ph.D. Graduate

Trainees are important as employees

As an international company, it requires more than just engineers to run the business. An efficient marketing strategy and well-organised supply chain management provide the perfect foundation for running a firm. 

Especially in our fast expanding business, it is beneficial to structure the process to take more projects and to perform well. 

Thomas Jorgensen became part of our team since the beginning of this year and contributes his knowledge as an intern into our business. 

“I am committed to doing my best in supporting Inwatec to achieve their goals and help to develop the company. I choose Inwatec because it is a promising career opportunity for me. I can use my knowledge in store managing and work on building a strong supply chain for a better business performance.” tells Thomas Jorgensen, our new laundry nerd, with whom our clients will surely get into contact as soon as possible. 

Thomas worked already six years with four different storehouses as a store manager. Currently, he is finishing his Engineering Degree at SDU. After his internship at Inwatec, it is already settled to write the master thesis in cooperation with Inwatec. 

Working with a Ph.D. at Inwatec? Yes, that is possible.

Full employees, interns, and students workers are part of our growing Inwatec team. Now we are happy to announce to have a Ph.D. graduate supporting the team.

Since February the 20th we got a new Software Engineer, Lilita Kiforenko. Lilita is originally from Latvia and passed her Master of Science in Robot System Engineering and completed her Ph.D. in Robotics at the University of Southern Denmark.

“After years of studying, I wanted to experience real life innovation and how to conduct program solutions. So after my Ph.D. at SDU, I was ambitious to find a company which allows me to use my theoretical knowledge and contribute to a significant development in real life and not just on research papers,” said Lilita Kiforenko, who lives now already for six years in Denmark. 

Lilita focused her Ph.D. on the detection and to pose estimation of rigid objects using 3D information.

“For us, it is a new experience as well to have someone with a Ph.D. conclusion. The broad theoretical knowledge provides a thorough understanding of the frameworks on which we build on our innovations. Someone who has in-depth knowledge of past developments and processes and current trends might help us to improve our overall performance and of our customers,” said Mads Andresen, CEO of Inwatec.

“I am very excited to work with a more practical-oriented team and not just to focus on the theory. I expect to work on exciting projects and to realize problem solutions. So far, Inwatec is providing me these opportunities. It is great to see how the team is working together,” added Lilita, our new laundry nerd. 

Save the date! Open House at Inwatec

Please mark your calendar for the festivities in celebration of our:

During the last couple of years, Inwatec has grown with incredible speed, and we were euphoric when we moved into our new building the 1st of March. We literally had outgrown our old offices and workshop.

Now the workers are finishing the last details on the outside and the decor, and we feel ready to invite all our business partners, family members and friends to Open House at Hvidkærvej 30 in Odense.

Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel. Photo: Odense Kommune © 

The mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel, have promised to join us and perhaps he will say a few words to mark this little chapter in the booming robotics and automation fairytale of Odense – and we are very confident that Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen together with the rest of the team will be around to welcome all the visitors.

For now, the program of the day looks as follows:

10:00 AM: Doors are open

Everyone at Inwatec will be in the offices and in the workshop to show our new facilities – and of course to show you how our machines work.

12:00 AM: The Mayor of Odense enters stage

Around noon Peter Rahbæk Juel will greet Inwatec a visit, and we are pleased to welcome the Mayor who have promised to say a few words.

Following Peter Rahbæk Juel, Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen will also enter the stage shortly to tell about our new headquarters.

Snacks, drinks and tech-talks

We are planning an informal, pleasant social event, and of course, Inwatec will be the host of both food and drinks for adults as well as the kids that might come around.

We need to prepare food and drinks, and we would like to have an overview of how many people we shall expect, so please fill out the form below:

Updated: Inwatec Robot Separator for Laundries

Inwatec presents the Inwatec Robot Separator.

Automatic separator robot for laundries. Items will be separated one by one. The items are loaded bulk into the robot.

The precision of a human but the endurance of a machine. All kinds of garments separated one-by-one at high speed. Imagine there were no hands.

We expected delivery in Q1 2017, and on the 31st of March 2017, we packed the truck with the first Inwatec Robot Separator leaving Hvidkærvej with arrival at the customer a few days later.

Next steps are unwrapping and installing the new machine. We will be back with more shortly, when everything is up and running.












If you would like to know more about our newest tool, don’t hesitate to contact us!

British food industry demands empty pockets

Garments ruined because of forgotten pens and markers have been a big issue in the laundry industry for decades. More recently the demand of empty pockets has come from the food industry where the tiniest pieces can become significant problems.

“The recent years we have had more and more potential customers asking us specifically if we can offer them X-ray scanning of the laundry. It’s dominantly from the food industry, where even a small paper clip can be a huge expense if it drops from a rolled-up sleeve or a pocket into the production area,” tells Carl Heeley, General Manager at Johnsons Apparelmasters Hinckley office.

”These companies will do anything to minimise that risk, and when they ask for the possibility of scanning the garments for foreign elements. Of course, we would like to offer that shortly,” Carl Heeley added when visiting Inwatec in Odense to watch how an X-ray system could help solving the issues.

Fewer expenses to ruined garments

Apart from getting rid of unwanted elements in the washed clothes, Apparelmasters also wish to minimise the costs that occur because of garment destroyed when pens or markers are forgotten in pockets and not found until after washing the clothing.

“We have huge issues and expenses because of ruined garment. Every week we must replace 200 pieces of clothing. While the garments themselves obviously has a price, we also have expenses and a lot of frustration in the administration when we must search for replacements,” Carl Heeley admits before underlining that direct costs have less focus than giving the costumers the optimal product:

“Even though we expect huge savings if we introduce X-ray systems in our laundry, the main focus is actually on delivering better service to our customers, and this could be a game changer in a rather traditional business. If we can reduce the number of ruined garments, we will also be able to deliver the cleaned clothes as promised, and that would be a unique selling point for Johnsons Apparelmasters. We are not the only laundry that faces problems with ruined garments,” Carl Heeley says.

Inwatec once again in the media

2017 has begun just as bustling as 2016 ended for the robot industry in Odense; Both our colleagues in the Odense Robotics cluster and we have full order books, and as a consequence good, qualified staff is in high demand.

Luckily the politicians have heard our calls, and in September this year, we will have a new Bachelor Diploma program in Robotics starting with 40 students at SDU in Odense.

Following that development, Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen has had quite a lot of exposure in the media were he have been giving our – positive – view on the new program. We are happy to know that our voice at Inwatec is heard, and we are delighted that we soon will be able to welcome even more talented young students in our new headquarters.

The University of Southern Denmark has always played a significant role in providing relevant study programs and labs, and together with several companies around Odense, various support programs have been created to support the city’s booming robot business.

Inwatec is one of the companies being part of the support program. The majority at the office and workshop are graduates from SDU or students working part time at Inwatec.

The CEO Mads from Inwatec expects 20 new specialists in robotics for his business. And he is not the only one in this business looking forward to welcoming more robotic graduates from SDU.

You can read the stories on the Danish website, who specialises in news about technology, and component distribution here (in Danish).

Mads also appear in the story here from our local newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende (you can find and read here, in Danish), and finally, we made our way to the newsroom at Electronic Supply with an article (You find it here, in Danish).



First barbecue at the new building

It is no secret that Inwatec is growing with incredible speed. Almost every month a
new laundry nerd became a part of our team. New cooperations and bigger projects requiring more workforce and more creative, talented laundry nerds.

Consequently, our current office and workshop are not big enough to fulfill the higher requests.
Therefore, we are happy to move into a larger building early next year. 

Last week, we were glad to share the first recognizable building progress with the entire team. With a couple of cold drinks and barbecue, first looks at the office and workshops areas could be taken. 

Luckily, the new building is located just a few meters further Hvidekaervej and is therefore not far from our closest friends at Egatec.

We are looking forward to starting designing indoors according to our wishes and preferences.

Safety is top priority at Berendsen

In the Danish laundry and textile services group, Berendsen, Clean Room business with washing, rental and maintenance of clean room clothing and accessories among other things, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and food industry across Europe has grown steadily in recent years.

Berendsen employs 800 people in clean room business in 11 laundries throughout Europe, and the volume means that the Director of Operations, Clean Room, Berendsen, Camilla Kondrup look closely at the next steps.

“Our primary motivations to invest in new equipment is that we are always working to enhance safety and quality in all our processes in Clean Room laundries, both in the handling of dirty clothes and equipment, washing and cleaning and packing and distribution,” says Camilla Kondrup.

Automatization for safety at working place

“We have business from the pharmaceutical industry, where they work with what we call the hazardous liquids”. Although our employees obviously wear special equipment when they sort and handle the clothes, there is a particular risk profile by working with these subjects. Among others, our clients count pharmaceutical companies working with development of various types of virus,” remarks Camilla Kondrup, who for that reason is considering whether X-ray technology and automated sorting can reduce the risk factor in clothes management.

“Our employees handles a lot of garments from the pharmaceutical industry, so we have full focus on maintaining maximum security. In time, we could consider robots to do the first handling of the laundry on arrival and to separate the garments, and we could perhaps also take full advantage automating other processes or the entire laundry operation. In the best world, we had no contact with certain types of clothing and equipment,” Camilla Kondrup continues.

In addition to the safety aspects of the work, Berendsen, like any other laundry, are working on how to further improve the quality of washing and handling of clothing and items in the future.

“When people are involved, there is always greater a possibility of errors than if sorting is fully automated and based on RFID-chips. If I must list the priorities of our investments, it is first and foremost about risk management. Next, it is about proper sorting. And finally, we are obviously keen on streamlining our processes with automation,” Camilla Kondrup concludes.