Junior engineers at Inwatec for their school internship

We wish to promote talent in early years to build our youth being both educated and curious. Therefore, we are especially proud to be able to contribute to this development of Magnus and Sebastian who are at Inwatec as school interns for one week.

Magnus is 15 years old and comes from Tommerup skole. He dreams of becoming an engineer and wants to learn more about the areas of responsibility an engineer has.

Sebastian, who is also 15 years old, comes from Frøbjerg Orte Friskole. With his internship, he wants to see what an engineering company does and find out if he can imagine himself in this field, too.

During their one-week-internship we are introducing them to two main areas. First, the assembly processes in the workshop and second, the 3D-programme Inwatec’s engineers work with. When using the 3D-programme, Magnus and Sebastian can learn how the developmental part of our machines is constructed.

Welcome, Magnus and Sebastian! We hope that we can give you a good insight and help you finding your dream working area.

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Programming support for our project department

Meet Frederik, our newest team member in the project department. Frederik Nør Larsen is 22 years old and currently studying B.Sc. Robot Engineering in fifth semester at University of Southern Denmark. He supports our team with his skills in PLC programming as a student worker.

Frederik is from Assens, a town on the west side of Fyn, and moved to Odense in 2015 for his Bachelor’s studies. In his studies, he already gained experience in programming through various applied courses and now he is ready to use this knowledge for Inwatec.

“The most interesting thing about programming is to make things move”, Frederik explains. “You are writing a program and ultimately you can see that it is functioning on a machine.”

In addition to his full-time studies in Robot Engineering, Frederik aimed to expand his knowledge and therefore was motivated to find a relevant student job before doing his bachelor’s project next semester. “Many students finish their education, graduate after 5 years, and have zero job experience in their field of studies. For me, the student job at Inwatec is an awesome opportunity to get some practical and ‘real-life-experience’.”

Welcome, Frederik!

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Mat laundry Leko Matter continues to focus on automation

The Norwegian company Leko Matter, based in Oslo, decided to automate its mat laundry as much as possible in 2015. The result is a production where one employee alone handles 3.6 tons of mats each day. The mats are washed, rolled and sorted for about 3,000 customers.

“In the past, our drivers helped for more or less one hour to roll the mats. Luckily there’s no need for this anymore. The truck drivers deliver the dirty mats directly on a conveyor belt. Hence everything proceeds automatically from the washing and drying until the rolling of mats on our Inwatec Hurricane machine,” says Bjørn Leine, son of Leko Matters founder Bergtor Leine, and thus the second generation in the family business, founded in 1989.

Bjørn Leine has not doubt that the automation has been a success for Leko Matter, and for the same reason, the company is now thinking about further expansion of the system. “Our system can sort by six criteria, but we are in dialogue with Inwatec to invest in an additional sorting module so we can sort the mats into nine carts at a time,” says Bjørn Leine about the solution he and his colleagues have done in collaboration with Inwatec.

“The alternative had been to employ more people to keep up with the growth. Instead, we are saving a full-time job now, and I assess that the investment has paid back within two years,” Bjørn Leine continues.

Innovative partnership

“The projects we have with Leko Matter over the years gave us a lot of beneficial knowledge of the mat handling business and our company’s relationship has been a success from the very beginning”, Claes Stanley, Chief Technology Officer at Inwatec explains. “Leko Matter came to us with some specific requests”, says Claes Stanley. “Together we developed a modular sorting system that fits into their setup, and at the same time allows their business to grow even bigger.”

Emphasis on efficiency

“Leko Matter had a keen eye for the efficiency from the very beginning, and we are happy, that we have been able to meet their requests with our machines. Their setup is almost entirely automated. Only one person is needed to place the mats at the Hurricane Matroller. This process also allows to include a quality control of the washed mats,” Claes Stanley adds.

Where the original setup at Leko Matter allowed the Norwegian company to sort in six criteria, there is no upper limit on the number of how many sorting modules can be added. In the same way, it is possible to add RFID-scanner and a mat binding system to the mat rolling machine. “Today we have customers with similar setups all over Europe, in the United States and Canada. For Inwatec the partnership with Leko Matter proved that the value of understanding the customer is essential to ensure mutual success,” Claes Stanley states.

Find out more about our Hurricane Mat Rolling Machine and the Mat Sorting Conveyor on their detailed product pages.

Three new Laundrynerds at Inwatec

We aim to offer highest quality solutions and machines for our customers. Therefore, we are always searching to expand our team with talents in all kinds of fields to provide the best performance. Currently, we employed three new laundrynerds in three different expert areas.


Salman Taj is a student of MSc. in Robot Systems Engineering at University of Southern Denmark in Odense and decided to take an in-company period as a part of his curriculum for his current 3rd semester. Salman explains: “In addition to studying in a classroom and being limited to university, I wanted to get into an industrial medium where I can enhance my empirical proficiency and build expertise by dealing with real world tasks and challenges”.

We met Salman on PPdag at SDU and now he is supporting our software team in both PLC and PC programming. “I really like the relaxed and cushy working environment and my assistive and friendly colleagues and superiors. I am very contented with the decision I made which resulted in getting into an ideal space where I can exhibit my dedication to learn and devise new solutions”, Salman further states about his first experiences at Inwatec.


Christina Søgaard is part of our team since the beginning of September. She is a design engineer and supports the project department by developing the machines, creating blueprints while especially focussing on the user centre design of our machines. Her goal is to create machine interfaces which allow a simple operation and are ergonomic to use as well. She graduated from her Bachelor’s studies in Engineering and Integrated Design at SDU in Odense in 2014 and worked as a design engineer since then.

“With my work experience at suppliers which mainly worked with metal, its laser cutting, bending, and welding, I know which machine concepts can be realised and produced and which need more development,” Christina explains. She likes most about the work at Inwatec, that she is part of the development phase from the very beginning, that every day is different and presents new challenges.


Nemanja Popovic Petersen is now a part of the growing team in Inwatec’s workshop, where the machines are assembled and tested before they ship to the customers. Nemanja comes from a large Funen company that supplies converters and air conditioners to the aircraft industry.

“It’s inspiring to be allowed to use my skills in another industry, and here I also get the opportunity to learn something new because there is a lot of development in the products.” Nemanja is a trained automotive engineer and truck mechanic, and he still has a weak point for refurbishing old cars and trucks when time permits.


Welcome Salman, Christina and Nemanja!

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Signature of the Odense Charter for Diversity

Diversity is strength! We know that from experience: Our team consists out of eight different nationalities and all laundrynerds together are performing better than ever. As we are still growing, we want to make sure that we keep encouraging diversity at Inwatec in future too.

Mid of august, our CEO Mads Andresen signed the Odense Charter for Diversity, as this document officially expresses our support of diversity in the Danish labour market. The Odense Charter for Diversity aims to highlight positive qualities of diversity, promote inclusion and combat discrimination in Danish workplaces and further offers a large network for like-minded people and companies.

“We are proud to report that Inwatec not only completely shares the perceptions of the Danish Charter for Diversity, but also puts them into practice already. We want to contribute as much as we can to make Denmark more open and welcoming,” illustrates Mads Andresen.

Christina and Vanessa are now supporting our Marketing and Sales department

These two German girls are doing their full-time master’s studies at University of Southern Denmark in Odense and will now support our team in Marketing and Sales. Both have similar expectations of their time at Inwatec and will be working as an intern and as a student worker.

Christina, 23 years old, is studying a Master of Arts in ‘Business, Language and Culture (cand.negot)’, focusing on International Communication Management. As part of her studies, she chose to do an internship for one semester at Inwatec to be able to apply the knowledge she gained in her studies in a corporate environment.

“To me, an internship is a great chance to gain working experience already during my studies and I am very happy that I can do that in an innovative company like Inwatec” explained Christina, who already did an internship in marketing during her bachelor degree.

After an interesting discussion at KarriereDagene in Odense, 23-year-old Vanessa now joined us as a student worker in the Marketing and Sales department. She is from the very south of Germany and currently studying a Master in Product Development and Innovation.

“Next to the theory in my studies I wanted to get some real life experience. I am really looking forward to have an insight in the danish working environment while gaining knowledge in the industrial laundry business,” illustrated Vanessa.

Welcome to our newest laundry nerds!

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How to empty +10,000 pockets a day

In Shanghai, China, the laundry company Fornet in 2015 established one of Asia’s most modern laundries where more than 10,000 pieces of garments are handled each day for both laundry and cleaning.


Such a significant volume needed extra attention from the beginning, and for that reason general manager Zhu Lijun was aware, that automation could play a part of the solution.


“We had identified the problem of emptying the pockets of 10,000 pieces of garments a day, and we realised that it was a hurdle that we needed to solve. I had read about Inwatec’s x-ray machine on the internet, and after a short dialogue, I went to Denmark to see the x-ray scanner in action on a Denmark laundry facility,” Zhu Lijun tells about the process.


Automation gives stability and efficiency

The setup in Shanghai that includes both x-ray scan of the garment and RFID-based sorting has now been running for more than a year, and Ms Zhu Lijun is certain, that she and her colleagues made the right choices from the beginning.


“Everything works excellent. It is a new laundry, and we have no historical data to compare with, but we’re sure that the automation is more efficient than a manual solution,” Ms Zhu Lijun reveals.


“Apart from helping us emptying the pockets, the setup also sorts the garments into nine different categories to pick the right washing or cleaning processes.  In that part of the equation, there is no doubt that the machine makes fewer errors than a human would do, and the speed is also higher and with fewer stops than a person could handle.”


Long distance service via the Internet

Ms Zhu Lijun had no worries choosing a Danish setup for the laundry in Shanghai, and time has proved, that she did not have to worry about having a service department 8,300 kilometres away.


“We have had very few issues so far, and when the line stops for some reason, we have solved it online without problems. It hasn’t been that complicated,” Ms Zhu Lijun tells.

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Inwatec gears up the management team

On August 1, Inwatec has employed 39-year-old Jørgen Jensen as Chief Operating Officer in the effort to keep up with the current success – and to enhance growth as planned.

Jørgen Jensen comes from a position as Head of Industry & Foods at Frontmatec A/S, one of Inwatec’s suppliers and therefore he already has insight into Inwatec’s product line for the international laundry industry. His primary focus as COO at Inwatec will be to ensure that daily operations are running efficiently.

“Given the development of recent years, we also need to upscale the management, and Jørgen gets an important position in that regard. He is a trained engineer and has worked as a software programmer before turning the management way. Consequently, he has a good understanding of all the tasks in an organisation like ours,” says CEO Mads Andresen, who himself looks forward to focusing even more on the technological development.

Mads Andresen concludes that the structure of Inwatec should remain as flat as possible, to maintain the direct way from idea to action, and that is one of the reasons why the new COO is pleased to be a part of the team.

“Inwatec has gone from 2 to 25 men in a few years. It is evident that if we stick to the plan and expand even further, there is an increased need to hold onto the leashes to ensure everyone does what they do best. And of course we have to do that in a way where we continue to be a very innovative and agile company,” says Jørgen Jensen, who has management experience from a company with more than 40 employees.

“My strength is that I have extensive experience in executing many parallel projects and at the same time ripening the organisation in a way where employees get the best framework for developing. I have followed Inwatec’s development as a supplier, and I look forward to being part of a company that focuses so much on the innovative robot- and automation solutions. Inwatec has vast ambitions and, in my belief, potential is also enormous and it suits my nature well,” says Jørgen Jensen, a resident of Kolding, together with his wife and the couple’s two children in 2 and 5 years.

No more handling of filthy mats at innovative German laundry

The German company MEWA Hameln has existed more than 50 years, but the business idea is all up to date. MEWA delivers work wear, mats, cleaning cloths and towel rolls in a full-service solution to more than 11,800 companies.

Recently a group of five persons from the MEWA headquarters in Wiesbaden together technical staff from the production unit in Hameln visited Inwatec in search for a machine that can improve the mat production.

“10 years ago we had a mat unloader that could help us get the dirty mats separated for cleaning, but unfortunately it wasn’t fulfilling our expectations. It’s our hope that the Inwatec-version will do so,” Julia Gerner, Group leader at MEWA Textil-Management, explains of the visit.

All in all, no less than 76.000 floor mats pass through the production lines at MEWA Hameln every month, and now MEWA tries to minimize the burden of the initial handling.
“It is heavy and filthy work, and we would very much like to have it automated in a way that both betters the ergonomics for the employees as well as the efficiency of the production and the quality of the final product,” Project Engineer Julia Kamenezkaja ads.

“We see ourselves as an innovative business, and we always have eyes open for implementation of new technologies that can improve the processes in our production line. If it were possible – and make sense economically – we would consider making the entire mat line fully automated,” says Julia Kamenezkaja.

Facts about MEWA Hameln:
Founded in 1951
300 employees work at the Hameln site that manages a total of 11,800 companies and generates sales of 54.6 million.
117,200 workers wear professional clothing delivered from MEWA Hameln.
Each month, 4 million cleaning towels, 76,000 floor mats and 6,300 towel rolls are processed and distributed there.
Read more about MEWA here (external website)

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