TORNADO – Compact



Our Compact Mat Roll Machine “Tornado” is the perfect solution for smaller laundries. It rolls 350 mats per hour and has a small machine footprint so it fits easily in existing laundries.



Technical specifications

Efficiency: It is possible to roll up to 350 mats per hour.
Tight rolling: Core diameter 3-4 cm. The center hole can be electronically adjusted from 3-8 cm.
Easy installation: Just plug in and start rolling mats.
Ergonomic: Electrical height adjustable inlet and outlet as an option.
Small machine footprint: The machine does not need much space due to a small footprint (2.1m x 2.5m; 6.9’ x 8.2’).
Fold-up table: When not used, the machine footprint can be reduced to 2.1m x 1.5m (6.9’ x 5’) by folding up the table.
Upgradeable: We improved the design of the machine, now it is possible to add upgrades, such as an automated sorting system.

The most efficient machine for the automatic rolling of dust mats. It has a small machine footprint, which makes it easy to fit in existing industrial laundries.

The machine only takes up 2.1 x 2.5 meter floor space and even less when not in use.

Tight rolling of the dust mats is important for compact packing of the rolled mats. Rolling tightness is automatically adjusted for all types of mats – no difficult programming.

PDF Drawings: Tornado Mat Roll Machine



solvask_texcare2012 Solvask, an industrial laundry from Norway, purchased the first Compact  Roll Machine at the TexCare Exhibition in Frankfurt 2012.





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