Mat Sorting Conveyor


Technical specifications Mat Sorting Unit

  • Designed to sort rolled dust mats automatically
  • Add-on units for either the Hurricane or the Tornado Roll machine
  • Unit based system which can be setup to fit every sorting pattern
  • Easy to setup sorting criteria by length and width, or with RFID
  • Sort into trolleys or pallets
  • Modify sorting system with extra plug n play units, or multiple sorting programs
  • Option to place Roll machine anywhere in line with the sorting units
  • Up to 400 mats/hour depending on Roll machine and size of the mats
  • Dimensions pr. module: LxWxH = 4014x70x940mm
  • Plug n play units – any number modules can be connected

Technical specifications Conveyer Belt

  • Especially developed for automated transportation of dust mats
  • Robust material
  • Width: 1100 mm
  • Can be individually designed according to customer needs (lentgh, height, side pannels, speed, incline)

PDF Drawings: Mat Sorting Conveyor

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