HURRICANE – Standard



Our Standard Mat Roll Machine “Hurricane” is the perfect solution for the efficient rolling of dust mats. It rolls up to 700 mats per hour and thanks to our new patented coning function all mats are rolled straight and tight. The machine offers various possibilities for upgrades, such as automated sorting, storage and packing.

Technical specifications

  • Patented Coning Function: Mats are rolled straight and tight thanks to our new patented coning function.
  • Efficiency: Capable of rolling 700 mats/hour. Expected production: 450 mats/hour (depending on the experience of the operator, delivery and mat size)
  • Inspection light: Enables easy quality control of mats.
  • Integrated Mirror: You can easily keep track on the mat roll process due to our integrated mirror.
  • Fold-up table: The table can be folded up by one person in order to save space.
  • Ergonomic design: Adjustable height to ensure a healthy work posture for your employees.
  • Machine size: 2.4m x 3.3m (10.8’ x 7.9’), when table folded up only 2.4m x 2.3m (7.9′ x 7.7′).
  • Easy to upgrade: For instance, adding an automated sorting system to the Hurricane.
  • Economic: The machine is amortized within 1-2 years.

We found the solution for coned rolled mats that disrupt the efficiency of your processes. Now your mats can be rolled tight and straight which is important for efficient storage and transportation.

Tight and straight rolling is important for compact packing of the rolled mats. Rolling tightness is automatically adjusted for all types of mats – no difficult programming necessary.

The machine is prepared for possible future upgrades. It is very easy to add for example an automatic sorting system or a storage and packing machine later on.

PDF Drawings: “Hurricane” Mat Roll Machine



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