Picker for small items


– for automatic picking and counting of laundry items

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: The machine picks and counts up to 3.000 laundry items per hour.
  • Automatic Rejection: Incorrect laundry items are rejected thanks to integrated RFID-Antenna.
  • Efficiency: The Laundry items are placed in the container of the machine all at once. Manual feeding and counting is not necessary anymore.
  • Different versions: The picker is available in different versions, e.g. with an integrated label printer or load cells for weigh option.

The Picker can be easily combined with our bag packing machine. The desired amount of products are packed automatically by the machine.

The integrated printer puts an individual barcode on the packed bags. The logistics are improved significantly.

No time-consuming manual feeding, counting and packing is necessary anymore. The effecitivity and productivity are increased in the laundry.

PDF Drawings: Picker


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