Robot Separator


Fully automatic separation of garments and textiles

This robot is optimal for feeding scanner systems at high speed. It will help you to automate your soiled side sorting processes and reducing the risk of cut and needle injuries. The robot separator can also be used for a separation of clean textiles. We use modern 3D cameras and advanced software to find the best gripping points on the garments. This results in a high efficiency and very good separation of textiles. With this machine, you increase your efficiency and remove manual processes from your production!

Product features

  • Capacity: The machine is able to separate 1,500 – 1,800 pieces per hour
  • Easily integratable: modular design
  • Shipping Weight: 1,250 kg
  • Air supply: none
  • Custom build delta-robot design
  • Servo controlled high precision mechanism
  • 3 x 400 VAC / N / PE

PDF Drawings: Inwatec Robot Separator


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