X-Ray Machine


The solution for efficient and high-quality detection of foreign elements for your laundry.

Technical Specifications:

  • Latest X-Ray Technology: Foreign elements in laundry articles, such as pens, needles, paper clips, hair needles or lipsticks are detected automatically.
  • High Efficiency: The machine handles up to 2.200 items per hour.
  • Reject: Reliable detection of laundry articles containing foreign elements; automatically sorted out to a reject bin.
  • Report function: Sorting process is automatically reported by the system.
  • (Optional) Automated sorting with the help of RFID chips.

The basic version includes inlet conveyor, X-ray and reject. Our X-ray machine can be combined in many different ways, e.g. with an automatic sorting machine.

Our X-ray detects many different foreign items such as paper clips, scissors, lipsticks, needles etc. For example, a paper clip was detected and rejected, which is shown in the middle x-ray picture to the left.

Every sort out process will be reported in the system, together with pictures. With our X-ray, foreign elements do not longer destroy your machinery or laundry items.

PDF Drawings: X-ray Machine

Note: The X-ray Machine is not currently available in the US, but do not hesitate to contact us, if you are interested.


If you are interested in the product, don't hesitate to contact us