Inwatec reaches Final Round of DIRA Automation Prize

We are happy to announce that Inwatec is now among the three last companies in the battle for DIRA Automationsprisen 2018 (The Automation Prize from the Danish Industrial Robot Association). Initially, 15 companies were nominated.

“It is a great satisfaction every time we hear from our customers reporting better work environment and higher efficiency with our machines. Robot technology and automation are especially useful at the industrial laundries where the machines can take over some really tough jobs, and obviously, that is our primary goal – to remove the dirty work. But this nomination is also a well-deserved recognition to everyone in Inwatec because they work hard and creatively to improve our solutions every day,” says CEO Mads Andresen.

An excerpt from the nomination:

Inwatec: For its robots, which allows removing manual processes in the laundries. It creates greater security for the employees and significantly increases productivity, as the robots and automation processes are optimal for the many heavy and repetitive processes that take place in the production at the laundries.

The other two contestants in the final are Inrotech and Linak, and the winner will be announced on September 11th at the Automation Fair in Brøndby, Denmark.

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The newest Laundrynerds: Henrik and Benjamin

Meet the two newest members of our Laundrynerd-family: Henrik and Benjamin!

Henrik Østergaard Pedersen

Henrik Østergaard Pedersen is 34 years old and started at Inwatec’s project department in mechanical construction at the beginning of April 2018.

Originally, Henrik grew up near Viborg, in Midtjylland, Denmark. He worked at JENSEN Denmark for the last two and a half years in mechanical construction and now joined our team at Inwatec in Odense. Currently, during his first days, he is getting to know the product portfolio by reviewing recent big projects for laundries all around the world.

Henrik took his education as a ‘produktionsteknolog’ and ‘teknisk designer’, a production technician and technical designer. Before Henrik started the position in mechanical construction at JENSEN Denmark in Bornholm, he worked at Steens Furniture in product development.

At Jensen Denmark, Henrik also got to know more about Inwatec, as on January 1, 2018, JENSEN-GROUP, one of the world’s leading companies in the laundry industry, acquired 30% of the ownership of Inwatec ApS. Read more about it here.

With Henrik’s knowledge about the laundry business and his motivation, he is a real Laundrynerd from the beginning – a perfect match for Inwatec!

“So far, it has been great to work here. Everyone is very kind, helpful and easy going”, Henrik describes his first days at the office of Inwatec. “I am looking forward to getting assigned to a project and to be more introduced to the system.”

In his spare time, Henrik enjoys spending time with his family, cooking and playing music.

Welcome to Inwatec, Henrik. We are glad to have you on our team!

Benjamin Ejlebæk Enggaard

Benjamin Ejlebæk Enggaard, 21 years old, joined our workshop team as a student worker after Easter 2018. However, until his studies in engineering begin in September, he will support our workshop team full time.

Benjamin lives on a farm called Billeholm, which is located between the cities of Odense and Assens. He has been working on his father’s farm ‘ever since he could walk’, where he also extensively worked with farm machinery. Benjamin finished high school in summer of 2016 and afterwards traveled and did his conscription as a firefighter in the Danish civil protection. He also assisted in a car workshop for some time. Now, Benjamin aimed to gather relevant professional experience before he starts to study in the next winter semester and also wishes to continue working at Inwatec during his education.

Benjamin is currently supporting the workshop team on assembling five VORTEX mat rollers: “I have been doing service on farm machines of different kinds, but assembling new machines is new to me. It’s loads of fun though – kind of LEGO for adults”, Benjamin explains.

“Everyone is very kind to me. There is a very positive vibe at Inwatec, so though getting up at 5:20 am to start work at 6 is kind of rough, I’m looking very much forward to every working day.”

In his free time, Benjamin works on his father’s farm, likes to go hunting in fall and winter and is a great fan of Formula 1. When the Formula 1 season begins, he tries to follow the races closely.

In future, Benjamin wishes to also help to develop the machines. He is especially happy to be part of a “new, modern and fast growing company”.

That is great to hear, Benjamin. Welcome to the Laundrynerds!

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Invitation to After-Work Beer & Open House 3.0 at Inwatec on 16th of March

We are inviting to the third edition of our Open House and some after-work beers on 16th of March at 15:00. Plus, we want to inaugurate our new table tennis table and foosball table with you!

Join the #Laundrynerds for cold beer and nice talks at the bar at ‘laundrylab’.

Everybody is welcome! If you have questions, you can contact us via

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You can find us (and our laundrylab) at Hvidkaervej 30 in 5250 Odense:

New technician on board of the Laundrynerds

Meet Allan Schmeltz, who is one of our new Laundrynerds: He works as a technician at Inwatec since the beginning of March 2018. Allan has a versatile working background, which makes him a perfect expansion of our workshop team.

Allan explains: “In my career I have worked with mechanical fitting, troubleshooting, electrical and pneumatic fitting, and construction. So, I think I gathered great experience for the field I am working in now at Inwatec.”

Allan’s career

Allan is 59 years old and was born in Odense, but grew up in Aalborg afterwards. At Aalborg Shipyard, Allan took his basic technical education and was then called to the Danish Royal Navy, where he stayed for a couple of years. Together with his wife, he moved back to Fyn in 1980.

Finnishing his job at the Danish Royal Navy, he worked as a mechanical fitter in a smaller family company until 1983, where he studied to become a ship engineer. After his graduation, Allan went to sea as a chief engineer on a small coaster and traveled all around the world. However, for the sake of his family, he went ashore again after a couple of years and started a position as a repairman at Rynkeby Foods. In his new job, he was mainly doing troubleshooting but also worked on the optimization of existing plants and stayed at Rynkeby Foods for 13 years.

Yet, Allan wanted to learn more and decided to do a degree in mechanical engineering, which he finished in 2000. For the following ten years, he worked in construction and project leading in various companies, until he started as a repairman again at his old employer Rynkeby Foods in 2011. Now, in 2018, Inwatec could draw Allan’s interest and so he applied for the position as a technician in our workshop.

First impressions at Inwatec

“I saw the job at Jobindex which I found interesting and therefore I directly sent an application. It went very fast. A week after sending the application, the decision was already made!”, Allan describes the application process.

Being a Laundrynerd for the first few days, Allan got to know many processes at Inwatec: “Compared to my previous job, there is a big difference. In the last couple of years I have worked a lot with troubleshooting. At Inwatec, we start from the bottom and after some time we can see a complete plant on the floor. I have done this kind of work before, but it is still very interesting for me and it is really what I like to do!”

Currently, Allan is working on the assembly of a linen storage for a Norwegian textile services company. Allan is looking forward to use his diversified skills at Inwatec. Especially towards working within development, pneumatic and electrical controls. In the future, he would also like to go to machine-installations at the customer’s plants.

In his spare time, Allan likes to spend time on his three hobbies: bowling, sailing, and speedway racing. Since he was 13, Allan played bowling and is still passionate about it. However, his favourite sports is sailing. He owns a boat in which he loves to spend most of the weekends and holidays together with his family. In addition, Allan is a great fan of speedway and especially the Team Fjelsted. He is a member of the Team Fjelsted Supporters and travels all over the country to see the races of his favorite team.

We are happy to welcome you to our Laundrynerd Team. It is great to have you!

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Two student interns support our project department

Mads Vestergaard Jensen, 23, and Anders Foldager Bay Jensen, 22, are our two new full-time interns from University of Southern Denmark in Odense (SDU). They are both in their sixth semester of their Bachelor studies and will work together on a big project at Inwatec for one semester.

Anders (left) and Mads (right) look forward to an exciting and challenging semester at Inwatec.


Anders – Student in Mechanical Engineering

Originally coming from Køge, a city close to Copenhagen, Anders Foldager Bay Jensen moved to Odense to study the Bachelor programme in Mechanical Engineering at SDU. In his spare time, Anders enjoys running and watching American Football.

“Here at Inwatec, I really enjoy the hands-on experience in the development process. I also like the approach that Inwatec is following: using standard components with specialized parts”, Anders describes. “Most interesting for my internship is first, the mechanical design of all the products which are produced at Inwatec and also the development of new products.”


Mads – Student in Integrated Design

Mads Vestergaard Jensen grew up in Brønderslev in the very north of Denmark, but moved to Odense two and a half years ago for his studies. He is taking his Bachelor of Engineering in Integrated Design at University of Southern Denmark in Odense and already gathered practical experience in a workshop where he assembled hydraulic machines for one year. However now at Inwatec, he will be focussing on the mechanical engineering field.

“I like working at Inwatec. It is very nice as everybody is friendly and also the task I am working on is interesting. Doing an internship during my studies is especially great, because I am allowed to try out new things and I am already looking forward to getting a lot of experience”, tells Mads.

Mads likes football, and loves to spend his free time on smaller building projects. So far, Mads restored two small mopeds of the model Puch Maxi, built his own clothes rack, made table legs, and more. However, his biggest passion is Lego Technic.


Strong cooperation

Both students found out about Inwatec at various job fairs on the Odense campus of University of Southern Denmark, and especially the PP-dag, which is a special fair for engineering students who are searching for internships and projects during their studies. We at Inwatec believe that innovative ideas should be brought to life – and therefore always look out for skilled people who are enthusiastic about witnessing smart inventions to be implemented in the real world.

The main project, Mads and Anders will be jointly working on during their internships, is to find a solution to combine the foundations of our mat rollers HURRICANE and TORNADO. The goal is to create an improved common foundation for our bigger mat roll machines. By that, we wish to simplify to the construction processes in future. We are already looking forward to the coming months and are curious about the solution Mads and Anders will develop.


Welcome to the team, Anders and Mads!

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Team extension in the workshop: Meet Dannie

Dannie Riis is our newest team member and supports our workshop as an electrician. He is 44 years old and lives in a small town called Assens on the island of Funen with his wife Rikke.

Dannie finished his training as an industrial electrician in 1994. After being in the army for a couple of years, he worked for Maersk line and has been drilling for 15 years all around the world. Two years ago, the oil crisis forced him change to his job. Since then, he worked for an engineering company in Odense.

“In the end of January I got the opportunity to join Inwatec’s Laundrynerds as a electrician”, Dannie explains.

“So far, I love to work here. The way people are talking to each other is so different from what I am used to. Here, people talk nicely to each other, and if there is a suggestion, for example about changing the layout of the machine, people will actually listen to your suggestions.”

Looking forward to future installation jobs

Dannie is especially looking forward to expand his knowledge of Inwatec’s machines to be eventually able to get ‘outside’ on installation jobs around the world. Currently, he is working on two different project: One is about two HURRICANE mat rolling machines and on the other, Dannie works on a new prototype of our X-ray machine.

In his free time, Dannie cooks, reads a good book to relax, and twice a week, he dances line dance. He and his wife very much like garden work and they have two greenhouses in their garden where they grow everything from tomatoes to chili. They also have a passion for Switzerland and use every opportunity to either hike or ski there. Besides, Dannie builds remote control scale model ships and large scale petrol driven cars in the scale of 1:5. “Then, in sommer, we are playing with our ‘baby’, a Buick Wildcat from 1968, in short – 2 tons of American muscle with a 7 L V8 engine with apx 400+ hp.”

Welcome to the team, Dannie!

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New year and new Laundrynerds

We are welcoming Kasper, Mads Emil and Claus to Inwatec this year. We are glad to have the three of you in our team!

Whenever a new employee starts at Inwatec, we shortly introduce them in an article like this. However, two of the three newest Laundrynerds are pretty familiar faces to most of the team. Read all about it below:

Kasper Simonsen, 31 years old, is Inwatec’s new project manager and started mid of December 2017. We met him on different job fairs and he talked to CEO Mads and HR Manager Sophie about possible positions for him at Inwatec. Then, in his summer holidays 2017, he worked in the workshop for a couple of weeks and already learned about Inwatec’s machines and met most of the team.

Kasper worked as an electrician for seven years and then did his Bachelor in Technology Management and Marine Engineering (BtecMan & MarEng). On the 12th of January, he officially finished this full-time degree and was graded with a 12, the highest grade in the Danish system!

“I have done a lot of projects in my time as an electrician. I mainly installed intruder alarms and surveillance cameras, but the contact with the customer and the process from getting the order to install it at the customer is very similar to the process at Inwatec.”

Currently, Kasper is working on a great linen storage with over 2 kilometers of conveyors for a Norwegian laundry. “It has been great to start working here, first of all because of the nice people at Inwatec but also because I already knew a lot of the co-workers before a started at the office”, Kasper explains. He further describes what he finds most interesting so far: “I think the technical part of the machines is very fascinating. It has always been great fun for me to look into things and see how things works. Also the process where you follow a project from the beginning to the end is really cool.”

Kasper lives in Odense with his girlfriend and his two kids. In his free time, Kasper spends much time with his family and likes to visit the Zoo or Legoland. In addition, he likes to run and to ride his mountain bike. When there is time, he also does spearfishing.

“I am looking forward to doing bigger projects. I hope, the customers will be happy about the machines and then see that they need more machines from Inwatec.”

Mads Emil Nielsen is 21 years old and started as an employee at Inwatec in the beginning of January 2018. Mads Emil lives from a small town called Tommerup St and took his education at ‘Schmidt & Øhrnstedt El- installation’.

“During my apprenticeship, I was primarily working on new and renewed electrical installations in houses and offices. I took the school semesters at DJH, ‘Den Jyske Håndværkerskole’ and finished my education in December 2017.” Mads Emil passed his education with the highest possible result, a 12.

In February 2017, already during his education, Mads Emil started to help out at Inwatec’s workshop as an external electrician. Very soon, it was his wish to work in an industrial electric environment. After Mads Emil finished his apprenticeship, we were glad to offer him a full-time position at Inwatecs workshop.

“I am very happy to be at Inwatec. Especially, because there is so much development going on. I am already looking forward to exciting new projects.”

Since January 2018, Mads Emil is fully employed as an electrician at Inwatec. Currently, Mads Emil is working on a series of five Hurricanes mat rollers which will be shipped to the USA.

“It is very nice to be part of the full development process of the machines: We start by having the blueprints, then we build it, make our own electrical cabinet and place it inside the machine, test the machine and finally install it at the customer’s plant. It is great to be part of all those steps!”

In Mads Emil’s spare time, he is a scout leader and spends much time in the nature, preferably with his girlfriend and friends.

Claus Klit Munksgaard is 49 years old and lives with his wife Mette and their 3 children in Ryslinge, a small town on the island of Funen. In the beginning of January 2018, Claus started in the Inwatec workshop as an Electrician.

Claus did a professional education as an electronic technician and worked with electronics for 10 years. He gathered experiences at RISØ National Laboratory (DTU), especially on DR3, which is an atomic test reactor. Further, he worked with emergency power plants and power electronics before he started switching into the field of automation.

“I have always been very interested in computer technology and building machines from scratch. I like the possibilities and challenges when working with automation technology – everything has to function together if we want to start the machine”, Claus says.

Within automation, he has plenty of experiences building electrical panels, assembling and servicing machines and servicing CNC-machines and robots. All this experience makes Claus a perfect candidate to support our workshop team. Additionally, he has done much of the electric work for Inwatec already in his latest job and therefore knew much about Inwatec’s machines even before he joined our team in the beginning of 2018.

After work, Claus spends much of his time on his small farm, which he owns together with his wife and her parents. There, they breed organic rabbits, own geese, pigs and a few calves. In his spare time, Claus especially loves to spend time with his family and also their dog Oline. Oline is a 4-year-old Keeshond (Wolfspitz), with which the family is even attending exhibitions and this spring she will have puppies.

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Inwatec and JENSEN-GROUP in global partnership

On January 1, 2018, JENSEN-GROUP, one of the world’s leading companies in the laundry industry, is acquiring 30% of the ownership of Inwatec ApS.

JENSEN-GROUP’s interest in Inwatec arises from JENSEN-GROUP’s wish to extend the range of automation solutions and artificial intelligence in the laundry industry. An area where Inwatec is playing a prominent role in the market.

With the motto “We Remove the Dirty Work”, Inwatec produces innovative solutions for heavy-duty laundries around the world, and the synergy effects of the new agreement with JENSEN-GROUP are making room for further upgrading of the activities at the Inwatec headquarters at Hvidkærvej 30 in Odense, Denmark.

More focus on innovation and development

“In three years we have grown from 4 to 30 employees, and the opportunity to benefit from JENSENS GROUPS large distribution and service network means we can now focus even more on the innovation and development of new products and less on the distribution,” says Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen.

“Inwatec is a development house, and the arrangement with the JENSEN-GROUP does not change the fact that the machines are being developed and built in Odense in close cooperation between our engineers, software specialists, electricians, and installers. We have unique access to the world’s best tech talents in Odense’s robotic environment, and that has enabled us to develop solutions that few in the industry even dreamt of a few years ago. And we just started.”

“With the technology at Inwatec, especially in robotics and AI, we expect that together with JENSEN we can develop some real blockbuster products for the future,“ Jesper Munch Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, JENSEN-GROUP adds.

Closer to the customers – all over the world

The JENSEN-GROUP was founded on Bornholm in 1937. Since then, the activities have spread to such an extent that the JENSEN-GROUP now has offices in 24 countries. In total, the international laundry company employs about 1,700 employees on a global scale.

The vast geographical spread, according to Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen, makes the partnership the perfect solution.

“When Inwatec was founded in 2009, we only had one rule: We were out of the office to visit customers and learn more about their needs and challenges. We have done that ever since, and there is no doubt that together we can support many more laundries with solutions that meet their needs because we get a closeness and presence to laundries worldwide,” notes Mads Andresen.

“For us, it is a great transaction. We can offer Inwatec an extensive distribution channel, and for us, it is a matter of how we can develop this industry to a much higher level and bring the industry into a new generation when it comes to automation,” says Jesper Munch Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, JENSEN-GROUP.


Laundrynerds in new partnership


The JENSEN-GROUP assists heavy-duty laundries worldwide in providing quality textile services economically. We have become a preferred supplier in the laundry industry by leveraging our broad laundry expertise to design and supply sustainable single machines, systems and integrated solutions.

We are continuously growing by extending our offer and by developing environmentally friendly and innovative products and services that address specific customer needs.

Our success results from combining our global skills with our local presence. The JENSEN-GROUP has operations in 24 countries and has distribution in more than 40 countries. Worldwide, the JENSEN-GROUP employs about 1,700 employees.




Our newest team member: Software Engineer Jacob

Meet Jacob Pørksen Buch, who joined our team on the 4th of December! The 29 year old will support us as a software developer and will mainly focus on the PLC of our machines.

Jacob has a strong educational background from University of Southern Denmark, as he did a Master’s in Robotics and started a PhD directly afterwards. Within his PhD, Jacob worked with industrial robots in a series of work-cases where he used robots like the Kuka iiwa and UR5 and simulated these systems. Already for his Bachelor’s project, Jacob developed a robotized tabletop game, for which he worked with similar elements like the ones we use for our machines: cameras, motors, and sensors.

In addition to Jacob’s education, he is a great fit for our team because of his passion about his field of work, which does not stop after working hours:

“In my free time, I do a lot of ‘nerding’ with small mechanical, programming and electrical projects.”

Jacob also likes to play board games and is always searching for new ones such as ‘7 Wonders’, ‘King of Tokyo’, and ‘Smash Up’. He started kitesurfing as a sporting balancing, and further trains boxing and Crossfit on an almost daily basis. This summer, Jacob walked the first 500 kilometer of the Camino de Santiago and afterwards went to Thailand for a month.

We met Jacob at a job fair in Odense this fall and directly recognized Jacob’s fit for our open position in PLC programming. After he came by the office for an interview and the other Laundrynerds met him, we made our decision pretty quick – Jacob started his job already a week after his interview.

During his fist days, Jacob was helping to assemble an RFID-module in the workshop, on whose programming he will also be working in the next weeks.

“I love working here so far. All people are so nice, talkative and very helpful. I very much looking forward to getting my computer so I can also start programming the machinery.”

We are looking forward to working with you, Jacob. Welcome!

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New Laundrynerds: Our workshop-team is growing

In the past months, our machine portfolio was growing and so is our book of commissions. Therefore, we were searching for more helping hands in the workshop to build and assemble our machines – and recently employed Patrick and Hilmer at Inwatec.

Patrick Norgren Nielsen

Patrick Norgren Nielsen is 26 years old, lives in Odense, and started at Inwatec on November 16. He is working on the mechanical and electrical parts of our machines, currently especially on our Vortex mat rollers. Before, he has been working with bigger automation machines and robots such as depalletizers at Jorgensen Engineering.

“The machines here at Inwatec are much smaller but the work is pretty much similar”, explains Patrick.

Patrick gained diversified experiences in the engineering and robotics industry: He graduated as a ship technician in 2011 at Lindø, port of Odense, and afterwards took all courses for the Marine Engineer education. During these studies, Patrick worked at Odico Formwork Robotics, who deal with robots for construction sites. After finishing his studies, he worked at Jorgensen Engineering and then recently changed to Inwatec after applying to our job ad he found on Odense Robotic’s job platform.

“The best part of working here is to be part of building the machine from scratch. Then, we see the machine in action and also get the opportunity to work outside the country to set up the machines for the customers.”

In his spare time, Patrick is playing handball and likes to do underwater hunting with a speargun.

Hilmer Storm lives in Thorø Huse, a small old fishing village in the town of Assens, and is employed as a technician in our workshop since the beginning of November.

Just before Hilmer started at Inwatec, he terminated his job as a harbor leader in Assens Marina. He has a broad ranging working background, as, before he was a harbor leader, he is trained as mechanic, process engineer, and IT administrator. He has also been working with process plants in the recycling industry.

Hilmer explains: “I do not have direct experience in the field I am working with now! But I have experiences that can be reliably related to this. Working experiences, that I think are in good line with the job at Inwatec.”

Currently, Hilmer is working on Vortex-projects together with Patrick.

“After four weeks at Inwatec, I have no doubt: The job here has been a very good choice for me. The content of the job is nice, great colleagues and good working conditions. The working hours also fit perfectly to my hobbies. It could just not be any better!”

Hilmer has a great passion for Ultra Trail Running, runs that are longer than 100 kilometer and in terrain with mountains and forests. His latest race was the Transalpine-Run from 3rd to 9th of September 2017, which started in Germany, went through Austria and Switzerland, and finished in Italy. The race was 288 kilometers long and during these, Hilmer passed 16,870 meters in altitude. In August 2016, Hilmer started the project ‘2019 MAX’ in collaboration with Klinikken Munkebo. His goal is to qualify and run two to three World Tour Races in 2018-19: “I’m an experimental type and I wanted to figure out what a body, born in 1958, could achieve.” In the past, he has also been cycling on an elite level and therefore, he still practices cycling training as a supplement to his running training.

Hilmer has previously lived in Italy and still has a residence there, on an old farm, which is a good sanctuary for him and even better: his fitness training ground is right outside the door.

Welcome to the team, Hilmer and Patrick!

We have a great support with Patrick and Hilmer, but Inwatec keeps on growing! Could you be our next team extension? Apply here