Interview: Inwatec – Specialist in the automation of laundries

The WRP Wäscherei und Reinigungspraxis is a German trade journal for the textile care industry. In each issue of WRP there is an ‘Interview of the Month’ and for the September 2017 issue we had the honor thath our CEO Mads Andresen and Finn Hahn, our distributor for the German market were interviewed.

The interview covers topics such as the beginnings of Inwatec, the importance of software in the industry and specifically Inwatec’s machines, Inwatec’s guidelines, customers, markets and much more.

You can find the interview online in German here.

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3rd Gazelle growth prize to Inwatec in 4 years

For the second year in a row, and third time overall, Inwatec has been given the “Gazelle” growth prize from the Danish business daily, Børsen.

Inwatec was even placed number six on the list of the Funen companies which saw the biggest growth in 2017!

The Gazelle-prize goes to “A company that has had continuous growth in revenue or gross profit over the last four financial years, which has more than doubled revenue or gross profit during the period”.

Although it is not the first time that Inwatec receives the honours, CEO Mads Andresen places the Gazelle-statuette on the prize shelf with immense satisfaction.

“Of course, we are proud yet again to have proven that it is possible to innovate and build new machines and deliver profits at the same time. We have had black numbers on the bottom line throughout the life of Inwatec, and in recent years with more and more digits, “says CEO Mads Andresen, who participated in the celebration of the regional Gazelle together with a delegation of #Laundrynerds from Inwatec.

According to Mads Andresen, the economic success is due to Inwatec delivering good products and good service, which gives value to the laundries from day one. It is proved, among other things, that a large part of the orders in the past year came from companies that have previously invested in other solutions at Inwatec.

“The customers who were brave enough to believe our ideas a few years ago are still on the team. Our business concept, when we founded Inwatec, was ‘get out of the door and meet the customers. That still makes a lot of sense,” says Mads Andresen.

Inwatec on the Front Page: Looking at laundry operations of the future

(Screenshot from American Laundry News – click on the picture to read the magazine)

“Compared to just five years ago, there is a significant development in the laundry industry. Previously, companies were somewhat conservative in investing in and utilizing new technology, but that’s definitely not the case anymore. You could say, that the future has begun.”

In the American Laundry News, edition November 2017, Inwatec’s CEO Mads Andresen was interviewed about his expectations for the future of laundry business – together with seven industry experts from Pellerin Milnor Corp., Performance Matters, Jensen USA, Continental Girbau, Lavatec Laundry Technology Inc.,G.A. Braun Inc., and UniMac. Mads talked about his thoughts on e.g. changes of equipment, technology development, future laundry work places, and his outlook to the future of the laundry industry.

Changes in the laundry business

Mads Andresen, CEO of Inwatec, checking out the robot separator

“There is no doubt that the laundry business is already changing. There is an increasing focus on efficiency, sustainability and the workers. Because of that, the use of automation and robotics is increasing quickly. The machines will take over many of the heavy, fatiguing and monotonous tasks – in the long run; machines will take over all the dirty work”, Mads replies on how he thinks the laundry business will change in terms of physical equipment and technology.

American Laundry News, the “Newspaper of Record for Laundry & Linen Management” is a both on paper and online published magazine which aims to “help those working in laundry and linen management to run their operations better, with up-to-the-minute information on industry news, events and trends” and provides information about management and production, specifics on the equipment and supplies necessary to run a successful on-premise/central/cooperative laundry or textile rental business (About American Laundry News).


Read the full edition of American Laundry News – November 2017 here

The interview starts on page 1, and continues on pages 6 and 12. 


Inwatec – host for Odense Charter for Diversity event

Tuesday evening, the 31st of October, 33 Funen companies visited Inwatec as we hosted the 4th leader’s lounge in Odense’s Charter of Diversity.

For this reason, Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen showcased the company and did a presentation where he introduced the visitors to Inwatec’s two Syrian employees: Project Engineer Geahad Michal Fatoul and Software Engineer Shaza Maher.

Both have come to Denmark as refugees, but unlike many of their countrymen, Geahad and Shaza now have a job within their profession, and thus they are an essential part of the success of Inwatec, where Eight nationalities work today.

Software Engineer Shaza Maher
Project Engineer Geahad Michal Fatoul

“In Denmark in general and in the robot and automation industry in particular, we need all the talents we can find, and we must also keep an eye on those who come to Denmark because of conflicts or other hard times around the world. Integrating employees with completely different cultural and working backgrounds is not always easy, but it certainly pays off,” says Mads Andresen, who did not hesitate when Inwatec was invited to join Odense’s Charter of Diversity.


“As our name suggests, Inwatec is a company driven by the desire to create innovative solutions for the laundry industry. Diversity and variety of the employees create a dynamic working environment, and that is precisely the foundation we need if we are to continue our growth,” notes Mads Andresen.

In addition to Mads Andresen and the opening of councillor Steen Møller from the Employment and Social Administration in Odense, there were other exiting speaks on how to build up and nurture a diverse working environment:

Among them, the recruitment consultancy house Flensby & Partners; Mace Group, the international consultancy and construction company in charge of the Facebook building project in Odense and the Headhunting company Expuri told about their experiences before the Leader’s Lounge ended with a lively networking session.

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A new Laundrynerd in our workshop

Nicolai Lund Christoffersen recently joined our team as a student worker and supports the project production in our workshop. He is mainly helping to assemble various machines, both electrical and mechanical components.

After his education as an electrician, Nicolai gained versatile professional experience in various fields such as industry, store renovation and in general service. He also spent several years working in a workshop in Norway, where he built control panels and container units for the oil industry. Since September, he is studying automation engineering at EAL, the ‘Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt’ in Odense.

Nicolai is 27 years old, was born and raised in Odense and now lives with his girlfriend Nathalie, their little girl Ellie and their street dog from Spain, Cira, in their house in Odense. When he is not renovating his house, he likes to go spearfishing and playing pool in his spare time.

“I have heard of Inwatec from Simon and I already knew Henrik and Kasper from my work in the electrician industry,” explains Nicolai. “I’m really looking forward to working here with them and all the others and having them as my colleagues.”

We are happy to have you in our team, Nicolai. Welcome!

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Invitation to After-Work Beer & Open House 2.0 at Inwatec on 3rd of November 2017

We are inviting to the second edition of our Open House and some after-work beers on 3rd of November 2017 at 15:00. Join us laundrynerds for cold beer and nice talks at the bar at ‘laundrylab’.

Everybody is welcome! If you have questions, you can contact us via

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You can find us (and our laundrylab) at Hvidkaervej 30 in 5250 Odense:

Junior engineers at Inwatec for their school internship

We wish to promote talent in early years to build our youth being both educated and curious. Therefore, we are especially proud to be able to contribute to this development of Magnus and Sebastian who are at Inwatec as school interns for one week.

Magnus is 15 years old and comes from Tommerup skole. He dreams of becoming an engineer and wants to learn more about the areas of responsibility an engineer has.

Sebastian, who is also 15 years old, comes from Frøbjerg Orte Friskole. With his internship, he wants to see what an engineering company does and find out if he can imagine himself in this field, too.

During their one-week-internship we are introducing them to two main areas. First, the assembly processes in the workshop and second, the 3D-programme Inwatec’s engineers work with. When using the 3D-programme, Magnus and Sebastian can learn how the developmental part of our machines is constructed.

Welcome, Magnus and Sebastian! We hope that we can give you a good insight and help you finding your dream working area.

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Programming support for our project department

Meet Frederik, our newest team member in the project department. Frederik Nør Larsen is 22 years old and currently studying B.Sc. Robot Engineering in fifth semester at University of Southern Denmark. He supports our team with his skills in PLC programming as a student worker.

Frederik is from Assens, a town on the west side of Fyn, and moved to Odense in 2015 for his Bachelor’s studies. In his studies, he already gained experience in programming through various applied courses and now he is ready to use this knowledge for Inwatec.

“The most interesting thing about programming is to make things move”, Frederik explains. “You are writing a program and ultimately you can see that it is functioning on a machine.”

In addition to his full-time studies in Robot Engineering, Frederik aimed to expand his knowledge and therefore was motivated to find a relevant student job before doing his bachelor’s project next semester. “Many students finish their education, graduate after 5 years, and have zero job experience in their field of studies. For me, the student job at Inwatec is an awesome opportunity to get some practical and ‘real-life-experience’.”

Welcome, Frederik!

Are you a PLC programmer yourself? We are currently searching for an intern and also offer a full-time position. Contact us!

Three new Laundrynerds at Inwatec

We aim to offer highest quality solutions and machines for our customers. Therefore, we are always searching to expand our team with talents in all kinds of fields to provide the best performance. Currently, we employed three new laundrynerds in three different expert areas.


Salman Taj is a student of MSc. in Robot Systems Engineering at University of Southern Denmark in Odense and decided to take an in-company period as a part of his curriculum for his current 3rd semester. Salman explains: “In addition to studying in a classroom and being limited to university, I wanted to get into an industrial medium where I can enhance my empirical proficiency and build expertise by dealing with real world tasks and challenges”.

We met Salman on PPdag at SDU and now he is supporting our software team in both PLC and PC programming. “I really like the relaxed and cushy working environment and my assistive and friendly colleagues and superiors. I am very contented with the decision I made which resulted in getting into an ideal space where I can exhibit my dedication to learn and devise new solutions”, Salman further states about his first experiences at Inwatec.


Christina Søgaard is part of our team since the beginning of September. She is a design engineer and supports the project department by developing the machines, creating blueprints while especially focussing on the user centre design of our machines. Her goal is to create machine interfaces which allow a simple operation and are ergonomic to use as well. She graduated from her Bachelor’s studies in Engineering and Integrated Design at SDU in Odense in 2014 and worked as a design engineer since then.

“With my work experience at suppliers which mainly worked with metal, its laser cutting, bending, and welding, I know which machine concepts can be realised and produced and which need more development,” Christina explains. She likes most about the work at Inwatec, that she is part of the development phase from the very beginning, that every day is different and presents new challenges.


Nemanja Popovic Petersen is now a part of the growing team in Inwatec’s workshop, where the machines are assembled and tested before they ship to the customers. Nemanja comes from a large Funen company that supplies converters and air conditioners to the aircraft industry.

“It’s inspiring to be allowed to use my skills in another industry, and here I also get the opportunity to learn something new because there is a lot of development in the products.” Nemanja is a trained automotive engineer and truck mechanic, and he still has a weak point for refurbishing old cars and trucks when time permits.


Welcome Salman, Christina and Nemanja!

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Signature of the Odense Charter for Diversity

Diversity is strength! We know that from experience: Our team consists out of eight different nationalities and all laundrynerds together are performing better than ever. As we are still growing, we want to make sure that we keep encouraging diversity at Inwatec in future too.

Mid of august, our CEO Mads Andresen signed the Odense Charter for Diversity, as this document officially expresses our support of diversity in the Danish labour market. The Odense Charter for Diversity aims to highlight positive qualities of diversity, promote inclusion and combat discrimination in Danish workplaces and further offers a large network for like-minded people and companies.

“We are proud to report that Inwatec not only completely shares the perceptions of the Danish Charter for Diversity, but also puts them into practice already. We want to contribute as much as we can to make Denmark more open and welcoming,” illustrates Mads Andresen.