Three new Laundrynerds at Inwatec

We aim to offer highest quality solutions and machines for our customers. Therefore, we are always searching to expand our team with talents in all kinds of fields to provide the best performance. Currently, we employed three new laundrynerds in three different expert areas.


Salman Taj is a student of MSc. in Robot Systems Engineering at University of Southern Denmark in Odense and decided to take an in-company period as a part of his curriculum for his current 3rd semester. Salman explains: “In addition to studying in a classroom and being limited to university, I wanted to get into an industrial medium where I can enhance my empirical proficiency and build expertise by dealing with real world tasks and challenges”.

We met Salman on PPdag at SDU and now he is supporting our software team in both PLC and PC programming. “I really like the relaxed and cushy working environment and my assistive and friendly colleagues and superiors. I am very contented with the decision I made which resulted in getting into an ideal space where I can exhibit my dedication to learn and devise new solutions”, Salman further states about his first experiences at Inwatec.


Christina Søgaard is part of our team since the beginning of September. She is a design engineer and supports the project department by developing the machines, creating blueprints while especially focussing on the user centre design of our machines. Her goal is to create machine interfaces which allow a simple operation and are ergonomic to use as well. She graduated from her Bachelor’s studies in Engineering and Integrated Design at SDU in Odense in 2014 and worked as a design engineer since then.

“With my work experience at suppliers which mainly worked with metal, its laser cutting, bending, and welding, I know which machine concepts can be realised and produced and which need more development,” Christina explains. She likes most about the work at Inwatec, that she is part of the development phase from the very beginning, that every day is different and presents new challenges.


Nemanja Popovic Petersen is now a part of the growing team in Inwatec’s workshop, where the machines are assembled and tested before they ship to the customers. Nemanja comes from a large Funen company that supplies converters and air conditioners to the aircraft industry.

“It’s inspiring to be allowed to use my skills in another industry, and here I also get the opportunity to learn something new because there is a lot of development in the products.” Nemanja is a trained automotive engineer and truck mechanic, and he still has a weak point for refurbishing old cars and trucks when time permits.


Welcome Salman, Christina and Nemanja!

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