Effective handling and storage of clean textiles

Automate processing clean textiles in your laundry with our machines. Our stack storage system serves as a buffer between folding machines and logistics area. The Bag Packing Machine automatically separates, counts, and packs small laundry items and therefore increases efficiency and productivity of your laundry.

Stack and Linen Storage System

  • For an automatic storage and transportation of stacked laundry items
  • Capacity: handles up to 225 stacks/hour (in/out)
  • Storage capacity can be designed according to individual needs
  • Speed capacity can be increased due to modular design

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Bag Packing Machine for Small Items

  • For an automated separation and packing of small laundry items
  • Handles up to 2,000 items per hour with RFID reading and 3,000+ without RFID integration
  • Automated attachment of labels to bags and transport to trolleys
  • Automatic rejection of incorrect laundry items

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