Passionate and dedicated

Transform the laundry industry with us

Who we are – Laundrynerds

We are Laundrynerds and Inwatec is our natural playground. No matter the task or challenge we are facing – we always have each other’s back. 

With the help of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence we are working towards one common goal: revolutionizing the world of industrial laundries. Therefore, we are all about finding new ways to innovate this complex industry.  

With this in mind, we genuinely enjoy what we do, especially in our laid-back atmosphere that keeps us motivated to reach our goals.

We’re passionate about robotics and automation, hence diving into diverse exciting projects. Our focus? Finding creative AI solutions for our machines. This drive keeps us exploring new ideas and cutting-edge technologies, all aimed at making our machines smarter and more efficient.

Ready for an exciting challenge in an exciting workplace? Join the Laundrynerds! It’s a place where you can learn, grow, and be part of innovative projects. P.S.: at Inwatec we accept student applications all year around.


Laura, Engineering Student Assistant

“Seeing what you had in your mind come true and be useful for somebody in the real world – that is quite rewarding.”

Robert , Mechanical Engineer

“The best part of working here is to be part of building the machine from scratch.”

Alex, Software Engineer

“It is interesting to work at a company where there is a great focus on developing the business, and being a part of that journey is what motivates me.”

Phillip, Technician

“I like the mood at Inwatec. All the people are nice and helpful and everybody takes good care of each other.”

Emilie, Documentation Specialist

“I love it. It’s exciting to be part of a firm that evolves so much, so quickly.”