Close cooperation benefits customers all over the world

Mads Andresen together with Nikolai Jensen (Head of Strategic Partnerships at JENSEN-GROUP) after the first year of partnership

In December 2017, Inwatec and JENSEN-GROUP announced that the two companies had entered into a partnership, with JENSEN-GROUP acquiring minority participation in Inwatec. One year later, it is clear that this new relationship has benefited both parties.

“Our cooperation with the JENSEN-GROUP is fruitful in every way, and the first year has confirmed that both parties have been strengthened by the agreement. Inwatec’s focus is on developing robot and automation solutions for the laundry industry, and for us, the cooperation has given opportunity to maintain a high cadence in the development of new solutions,” says Inwatec’s director Mads Andresen.

“JENSEN-GROUP has a worldwide sales and service network, and therefore we can now offer the closeness and fast service that is needed when dealing with complex solutions that improve and change the workflows in the laundries. We can give the customers additional security because JENSEN has a solid network all over the world,” explains Mads Andresen.

The two founders of Inwatec Lars Hansen and Mads Andresen with Jesper Jensen (CEO of the JENSEN-GROUP) in December 2017

Global interest in laundry automation

At JENSEN-GROUP there is also satisfied with the results from the first year of the collaboration. So says Nikolai Jensen, who as Head of Strategic Partnerships at JENSEN-GROUP, is responsible for increased collaboration and coordination between the two companies.

“There is undoubtedly increased interest in automation at most laundries worldwide. Whether due to increased labor costs, or the need to optimize production, many of these challenges can be solved by Inwatec’s products. Therefore, our sales team is able to offer increasingly holistic solutions,” says Nikolai Jensen.

“There are still many manual processes in the laundry industry, but the cost of labor and utilities is increasing globally. I’m convinced that we will see the first fully-automated industrial laundries sooner than we think”, says Nikolai Jensen.

More space needed to keep up with orders

Thanks to the new collaboration, knowledge of Inwatec’s solutions are being shared around the world by JENSEN-GROUP’s sales team. More and more laundries are now installing Inwatec systems to handle automated soil-side sorting of garments.

“A good example of our increased reach is that we have, among other things, obtained new customers in Japan, and we had not got that without JENSEN’s network,” says Mads Andresen, who can at the same time report on another exciting outcome of the collaboration.

“We are really, really busy with both development and production. We have almost continuously active job vacancies for engineers and software developers, and because we get new orders all the time, we must also soon start an extension that doubles production area in our headquarters in Odense, Denmark,” Mads Andresen concludes.

Watch the video about the start of the partnership from December 2017

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