Soiled Side Sorting Systems - Modular, Scalable, Flexible

The systems to automate the handling of soiled side sorting can be combined in a broad variety due to a modular machine design. The connection enables communication and smart handling of laundry articles. Due to the scalable build-up, the system can easily be expanded. Flexible modifications to further increase efficiency via adding more machines and functionality is possible at any time. Depending on your throughput, the size of your laundry and the available space, we will develop a suitable system fitting to your needs!

Check out the three examples Line 1 (Stand-Alone Scanning), Line 2 (Manual Feeding Automatic Sorting) and Line 3 (Automatic Sorting) to get an idea about the opportunities.

The following will demonstrate you four machines and how these can be combined.

THOR can be combined with:

  • FREJ.Inlet (Inlet Conveyor)
  • FREJ.Buffer (Inlet Buffer)

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HEIMDAL combining with:

  • FREJ.Inlet (Inlet Conveyor)
  • FREJ.Conveyor (Inlet Buffer)
  • ODIN (X-Ray Machine)
  • BIFRÖST.Lift (Vertical Conveyor)

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ODIN in combination:

  • FREJ.Inlet (Buffer Conveyor)
  • FREJ.Conveyor (Inlet Conveyor)
  • HEIMDAL (RFID Reader or Vision Unit)
  • BIFRÖST.Lift (Vertical Conveyor)

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