Below you will find different tutorials on how to operate and make adjustments to your Mat Roll Machines. Feel free to contact us anytime on if you miss anything.

Vortex Tutorials

Vortex Tutorial 1 – unpack the machine

Unwrap the entire machine Remove 4 bolts which fasten the feet to the cradle A forklift can also be used... More

Vortex Tutorial 2 – connect power and air

Remove the cover from the main switch Add a cable and fasten the lower screw Connect power: 230V single phase... More

Vortex Tutorial 3 – power on, start and stop

Turn on the main switch Let the PLC boot up. This takes about one minute. Release the emergency stop and... More

Vortex Tutorial 4 – rolling mats

Put a mat on the conveyor and start the machine Once the next mat is entering the machine, the rolled... More

Vortex Tutorial 5 – adjusting parameters

Press the button for Settings Programs can be activated and deactivated Up to 3 roll programs can be configured in... More

Vortex Tutorial 6 – correct coning

Mats that tend to cone, can be handled with a trick Put the coning side of the mat slightly higher... More

General replacements

General Replacements – Service and Tutorials

Below you will find different tutorials on how to replace various components that are used in the majority of our... More