Full speed at EXPOdetergo: 15.4 tons passed the X-ray

Inwatec’s booth in the morning – the lull before the storm

Thank you for the massive attention at Inwatec’s stand at EXPOdetergo in Milan! It was overwhelming.

Fortunately, this time our designers had created an infinite loop, where some conveyors made sure that both the separator and the x-ray scanner were fully employed without our help.

We experienced a great interest in the Robot Separator

During the four days, the system was running non-stop, and we are proud to tell that FRIGG the robot and ODIN the X-ray scanner in average separated and scanned for unwanted items in the pockets on 1,600 pieces of garments per hour during the exhibition, resulting in an entirely automated production volume of 15.4 tons!

It gave us time to talk to all the visitors without having to stop and re-load laundry into the system.

The X-ray machine automatically detects foreign items such as pens, needles, and similar.

Apart from showcasing our soiled site sorting setup, we also could introduce our new TYPHOON mat roller together with the VORTEX.

We received a lot of great questions and contacts in Milan, and everyone at the office and at the workshop is working to get the full pressure to follow up on the inquiries.

If there was anything you forgot to ask in Milan or if you were not there, you can always call or write to us!


Watch a short video of the Robot Separator at the fair:

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