Internship and Project Day November 2023

At Inwatec we take great pleasure in providing opportunities to young talents, empowering them to bring their ideas to life. This commitment ensures a constant influx of fresh perspectives, making our workplace a truly exciting one and always keeping us on our toes. 

The Internship and Project Day (PP dag)  at the Faculty of Engineering at SDU (University of Southern Denmark) provides engineering students with the opportunity to meet companies who are interested in working with them. Naturally, some of our Laundrynerds have also been a part of this event. It’s our way of supporting and sharing insights with the next generation of engineers, bridging the gap between education and industry for a win-win collaboration.

Leif Rossau, Student Assistant in the Mechanical Engineering department at Inwatec, has been at this November’s PP dag to answer questions from many interested students. “Remarkably, there have been many questions from students that are not very far advanced in their studies yet. They have been very curious about Inwatec and what we do and wanted to know everything in great detail, which is great”.  Overall, this event has been an exceptional opportunity for the students to enhance their theoretical classroom knowledge with Inwatec’s real-world applications

At Inwatec, we place flexibility at the heart of our organizational philosophy – it shapes the way we approach every aspect of our work. Therefore, student projects are organized in a way that encourages as much creativity and exploration as possible. We motivate students to think outside the box and allow them to push the boundaries of what is possible. By creating such an atmosphere, we not only want to empower students to discover new solutions, but also instill the confidence in them that it is always possible to challenge the status quo.

Asked about what it is that he likes about working at Inwatec, Leif says that “it’s a really exciting job, because I actually get to solve real-life problems. One of my colleagues will come up to me with an issue that we are experiencing right now and I get to find a solution and fix it.” He further says that the company as it is right now, is exactly at the sweet spot where it is not too big in size, so his opinions are heard, but also not too small that it would be incapable of providing him with the resources needed. Overall, he really enjoys the flexibility, but also the diversity and work culture and Inwatec and loves to be one of our Laundrynerds. 

As Laundrynerds, we thrive on innovation, shaping the future of engineering together. Are you interested in joining the team? Have a look here.