Inwatec and JENSEN-GROUP in global partnership

On January 1, 2018, JENSEN-GROUP, one of the world’s leading companies in the laundry industry, is acquiring 30% of the ownership of Inwatec ApS.

JENSEN-GROUP’s interest in Inwatec arises from JENSEN-GROUP’s wish to extend the range of automation solutions and artificial intelligence in the laundry industry. An area where Inwatec is playing a prominent role in the market.

With the motto “We Remove the Dirty Work”, Inwatec produces innovative solutions for heavy-duty laundries around the world, and the synergy effects of the new agreement with JENSEN-GROUP are making room for further upgrading of the activities at the Inwatec headquarters at Hvidkærvej 30 in Odense, Denmark.

More focus on innovation and development

“In three years we have grown from 4 to 30 employees, and the opportunity to benefit from JENSENS GROUPS large distribution and service network means we can now focus even more on the innovation and development of new products and less on the distribution,” says Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen.

“Inwatec is a development house, and the arrangement with the JENSEN-GROUP does not change the fact that the machines are being developed and built in Odense in close cooperation between our engineers, software specialists, electricians, and installers. We have unique access to the world’s best tech talents in Odense’s robotic environment, and that has enabled us to develop solutions that few in the industry even dreamt of a few years ago. And we just started.”

“With the technology at Inwatec, especially in robotics and AI, we expect that together with JENSEN we can develop some real blockbuster products for the future,“ Jesper Munch Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, JENSEN-GROUP adds.

Closer to the customers – all over the world

The JENSEN-GROUP was founded on Bornholm in 1937. Since then, the activities have spread to such an extent that the JENSEN-GROUP now has offices in 24 countries. In total, the international laundry company employs about 1,700 employees on a global scale.

The vast geographical spread, according to Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen, makes the partnership the perfect solution.

“When Inwatec was founded in 2009, we only had one rule: We were out of the office to visit customers and learn more about their needs and challenges. We have done that ever since, and there is no doubt that together we can support many more laundries with solutions that meet their needs because we get a closeness and presence to laundries worldwide,” notes Mads Andresen.

“For us, it is a great transaction. We can offer Inwatec an extensive distribution channel, and for us, it is a matter of how we can develop this industry to a much higher level and bring the industry into a new generation when it comes to automation,” says Jesper Munch Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, JENSEN-GROUP.


Laundrynerds in new partnership


The JENSEN-GROUP assists heavy-duty laundries worldwide in providing quality textile services economically. We have become a preferred supplier in the laundry industry by leveraging our broad laundry expertise to design and supply sustainable single machines, systems and integrated solutions.

We are continuously growing by extending our offer and by developing environmentally friendly and innovative products and services that address specific customer needs.

Our success results from combining our global skills with our local presence. The JENSEN-GROUP has operations in 24 countries and has distribution in more than 40 countries. Worldwide, the JENSEN-GROUP employs about 1,700 employees.




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