(Add-on) Printer for Mat Rollers


Direct printing of customer information on banderoles

As an add-on to Inwatec’s roll-through mat rollers, the binding unit with print optimizes the handling of rolled floor mats.

The high-quality printer enables a high output with low operating costs. Retrieved from the laundry’s database, the printer places a well-visible barcode, customer name, mat description, tour number, or similar on the stretch film of the mat. To examine printing parameters, information or placement of the print, the unit can be further monitored by its separate screen on the back of the rolling machine.

Product features

  • 53 mm wide print
  • Print of relevant customer information: Barcode, name, tour number, mat type, description, etc.
  • Printing information can be retrieved from laundry databases
  • Network connection for monitoring possible
  • Superior print quality thanks to patented clutchless ribbon drive
  • High utilization of transfer ribbon: minimized price per additional print
  • Precise ribbon-tension control: No ribbon breakage or crumpling
  • Requires a roll-through mat roller with binding unit, e.g. HURRICANE


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