Bag Packing Machine


Automated separation and packing of small laundry items

Our innovative Bag Packing Machine is the perfect solution for automated full-scale handling of small laundry articles such as mops or rags. After the employee drops all laundry items in the feeder section, the machine automatically picks and counts the items and wraps the desired amount in a plastic bag. Following this, the machine attaches a label to the bags and transports them directly to the trolley. No time-consuming manual feeding and counting packing is necessary anymore which increases the efficiency and productivity in the laundry.

Product features

  • Capacity: The machine handles up to 2,000 laundry items per hour with RFID reading and 3,000+ without an RFID integration
  • Efficiency: The Laundry items are placed in the container of the machine all at once. Manual feeding and counting is not necessary anymore.
  • Automatic rejection: Incorrect laundry items are automatically rejected into a reject bin thanks to integrated RFID-chips.
  • Bag packing: The desired amount of items is automatically packed in a plastic bag. The desired amount can be changed in the control panel at any time.
  • Automated labelling: After the laundry items are wrapped in the plastic bag, the printer puts automatically a label with customer information on it.
  • Vertical Conveyor: The wrapped and printed plastic bags are transported automatically to a higher level by the vertical conveyor.
  • Trolley: From the vertical conveyor the bags are dropped into a stand-by trolley. The laundry items are now ready for delivery.


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