HURRICANE – Standard


Versatile roll-through mat roll machine

Our mat roll machine HURRICANE is the perfect solution for the efficient rolling of all kinds of floor mats. The mats are rolled straight and tight thanks to our cone-correct function which is essential for efficient storage, transport, and delivery. The rolling tightness is electronically adjustable for all types of mats – there is no difficult programming necessary. The machine also offers various possibilities for upgrades, such as automated sorting, storage, and packing.

The presented video shows a HURRICANE that is extended with a Binding Unit Add-On.

Product features

  • Capacity: Capable of rolling 700 mats/hour (depending on the experience of the operator, delivery and mat size). The expected production is 450 mats/hour
  • Center-diameter of rolled mats: 3-8 cm (1-3’’), electronically adjustable
  • Machine size:  2.4 m x 3.3 m (7.9’ x 10.8’)
  • Fold-up table: When not used, the machine footprint can be reduced to 2.4 m x 2.3 m (7.9′ x 7.7′) by folding up the table.
  • Bed-width: 190 cm (6’)
  • Patented Cone-Correct Function: Mats are rolled straight and tight thanks to our new patented cone-correct function.
  • Ergonomic: Adjustable height to ensure a healthy work posture for your employees.
  • Quality control: An inspection light enables easy quality control of mats. Due to an integrated mirror, the mat roll process can be followed.
  • Backside options: The machine can be equipped with either a ‘large storage tray’ to hold mats until they are ready to be stored or a ‘short tray’ which drops the rolled mats directly into a bin.
  • Upgradable: The machine is easy to upgrade with systems for sorting, storage or a binding machine.


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