Inlet Buffer for Mat Laundry


Automated buffering of soiled mats

The inlet buffer for mat laundry applies to the needs of many mat laundries which handle a mix of cotton and nylon mats every day. The machine helps to handle the separation of the two categories of mats which is necessary due to their different washing and drying processes.

Thanks to the machine’s buffer, the washing process will not be interrupted, even when the operator stops feeding it for some time. It could run for 16 x 3 minutes (a total of 48 minutes) completely by itself.

The system is very compact and makes a bag system for mats on the soiled side unnecessary. The buffer system can also be integrated with an Automatic Mat Unloader.

Improve your automation process, prevent down times, and free up manpower for certain other tasks!

Product features

  • Capacity: Modular construction enables us to easily configure the machine to fit your needs. The machine shown can store up to 16 wash batches of 100 kg.
  • Machine size: The shown machine layout is only 3.0 m (4.8 m including conveyor to tunnel washer) x 8.5 m
  • Add-On: Automatic Mat Unloader
  • Easy installation: Due to its modular design, the machine is quickly mounted and up and running.
  • Simple interface: No special work required to integrate the machine directly with an existing tunnel washer.
  • Optimized process: If you process mats of different materials or Logo/standard mats and your process requires a special order and separation, the inlet buffer enables you to precisely plan ahead.


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