Stack Storage System


Automatic storage and transportation of stacked laundry items

Our innovative stack storage system serves as a buffer between folding machines and logistics area. It is the perfect solution to take over the automatic storage of flatwork. The machine enables easy managing of clean, stacked laundry items while offering a great logistical advantage. Time-consuming manual trolley handling can be completely replaced.

Directly integrated with the Jenway transport and sorting system, Inwatec’s storage system for stacked laundry enables a further increase in the level of automation on the clean side of the laundry. The conveyor belts and cranes of the storage system receive the stacks fully automatically and sort them according to type to a storage position of eight levels and four rows. This means that time-consuming manual trolley handling can be replaced before the tours are actually packed.

Product features

  • Capacity: handles up to 225 stacks/hour (in/out)
  • Storage capacity can be designed according to customer needs
  • Speed capacity can be increased due to the modular design
  • Integrated laundry IT system for statistical analysis
  • For all kinds of stacked laundry items

Manual Commissioning

The standard configuration of the Inwatec stack storage is designed for manual commissioning. With the manual commissioning layout, the crane continually delivers and re-stocks the different stacked products to the operator station.  Like that, the operator has direct access to all product types on fixed positions on the station to be able to efficiently pack tours for the laundry’s customers. This system is most suitable for lower product variety.

Automatic Route Commissioning

A second configuration option of the Inwatec storage system offers automatic route picking for a wide variety of products. After receiving the information on all planned tours of the laundry, the compilation of a specific tour can be initiated automatically. To do this, the warehouse system shuttle loads only the required type and quantity of stacks onto conveyor belts. These conveyors then forward the stacks to packing stations, where one or more operators can directly pack and prepare the customers’ trolleys.


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