TORNADO – Compact


Compact roll-through mat roll machine

Our TORNADO mat roll machine is very efficient and is the perfect solution for smaller laundries. It delivers an excellent result and has a small footprint so it fits easily in existing systems. The rolling tightness automatically adjusts for all mat types.

Product features

  • Capacity: Capable of rolling up to 350 mats/hour (depending on the experience of the operator, delivery and mat size).
  • Center-diameter of rolled mats: 3-8 cm (1-3’’), mechanically adjustable
  • Small machine footprint: The machine does not need much space due to a small footprint of 2.1 m x 2.5 m (6.9’ x 8.2’).
  • Bed-width: 150 cm (5’)
  • Ergonomic: Electric height adjustable inlet and outlet as an option.
  • Easy installation: Just plug in and start rolling mats.
  • Backside: The machine is equipped with a ‘large storage tray’ to hold mats until they are ready to be stored




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