TYPHOON – Mat Roller


Customizable roll-through machine

The new mat roll machine TYPHOON is Inwatec’s most customizable machine. It is perfect to efficiently roll all kinds of floor mats either as a stand-alone machine or with multiple sorting options. The TYPHOON can be equipped with a regular split-belt or the additional cone-correct function. Various upgrades such as automated binding with an optional print function or RFID integration make the machine customizable to individual needs. An automatic sorting to tables or trolleys completes the automated handling of clean mats.

Product features

  • Capacity: The expected production of the machine is 500 rolled mats/hour (depending on the experience of the operator, delivery, and mat size).
  • Center-diameter of rolled mats: 3-8 cm (1.2’’-3.1”), electronically adjustable
  • Height adjustable table from 0.9 m to 1.20 m to ensure an ergonomic work posture for the operator
  • Bed-width: 183 cm (6’)
  • Mat sizes: 
    • maximum width of mats: 1.8 m (6 feet)
    • maximum length of mats: 6 m (20 feet). This maximum length depends on the thickness of the material from which the mat is made. Please contact us for further details.
  • Width-length measurement, including statistics
  • Cone-correction add-on:
    • With the tuft sensor add-on, the mats are rolled straight and tight when placed on the machine ‘rubber-side down’. The sensor is measuring each mat’s tuft direction and the split-belt construction enables a continuous adjustment of the rolling process to compensate for the tuft direction. With the cone-correction function, mats cone considerably less.
  • Back-side:
    • Roll-off table: This option transforms the TYPHOON mat roller to a ‘stand-alone’ machine. The roll-off table has a capacity for 8 to 12 rolled mats.
    • Automatic sorting via sorting conveyors. Read more below
  • Optional add-ons:
    • Binder: The binding unit automatically attaches a banderole to the rolled mats. A special high-quality stretch film which does not leave damage or marks on the fiber side is used. A bound mat improves the transportation, handling, and storage of rolled mats. This option works best for mats of sizes up 500 cm in length.
    • Printer: (requires a binder) The printer adds individual barcodes or other customer information to the banderoles on each mat.
    • RFID (LF, HF, or UHF): An RFID-integration supports the tracking of individual mats as well as can function as the basis for sorting. Depending on the type of the integrated chips in the mats, a different antenna has to be installed on the rolling machine.
    • IT Integration: (requires RFID) Integrating the mat roll machine with the internal IT system can provide benefits such as better tracking processes.


Automatic Sorting – Sorting Conveyors

The scalable design allows the system to perfectly fit various needs. The sorting modules can be added depending on the variety of mat types to be sorted. The sorting with the sorting conveyor can be based on several criteria, such as RFID, actual mat sizes, or according to the operator’s choice on the sorting panel. The mats can be sorted into both, either directly into trolleys or onto roll-off tables.

Please choose at least one of the following sorting delivery options. Both options can be combined to fit individual needs. The sorting conveyor can tilt to both sides.

  • Roll-off table: Choose a roll-off table to enable further manual handling. The tables provide an ergonomic pick-up position for the operator.
  • Trolley sensors: With the trolley sensors, the sorting conveyor directly delivers into trolleys.
  • Sorting panel: The sorting panel enables additional sorting options. For that, the operator presses a button on the sorting panel before loading and rolling the mat. By that, the specific mat will be sorted according to the choice made on the sorting panel.
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