BIFRÖST.Bin & BIFRÖST.Multibin Silo Units

the silo units help reduce the manual handling of sorted soiled laundry

Buffering of sorted soiled articles

The BIFRÖST.Bin silo unit contributes to minimizing the manual handling of sorted soiled laundry. Additionally, it can be seamlessly integrated with a conveyor, or directly with a bag system. This module buffers the products until one full laundry load is reached, then forwards it into carts all at once.

Furthermore, this module comes with an option for simultaneous automatic and manual sorting of soiled items. This feature proves to be valuable for leveling production peaks, allowing for additional manual sorting in the same positions as the automated system. By sorting special pieces it additionally increases the overall system throughput.

Your Benefits:

Sorting into as many categories as needed

Simple conveyor technology – minimal wear and tear

Easy and flexible to integrate into already existing system

Increases level of efficiency