identifies sorting criteria based on visual appearance

Identifying sorting criteria based on visual appearance

The HEIMDAL.Camera utilizes Artificial Intelligence to categorize products based on visual characteristics such as colors, patterns, textures and size. Thus, paired with smart software, HEIMDAL effectively distinguishes between various types of laundry items.  With this intention, each project undergoes induvidualized data training for specific sorting compositions and product portfolios. Currently, we have operational systems for various categories, including workwear, linen and mixed products. Remarkably HEIMDAL.Camera achieves sorting accuracies of up to 98% – even without the help of RFID technology.

From a cost-benefit standpoint utilizing RFID technology may not always be beneficial – especially when it comes to flat linen. HEIMDAL.Camera achieves the same level of precision sorting without the need to chip the products. As a result, this ensures high sorting accuracy without incurring additional costs.


Replace tedious manual sorting

No RFID needed

High sorting accuracy

Cost efficiency