for automatic detection and removal of harmful foreign objects

automatic and efficient foreign object removal

ODIN scans and identifies garments containing harmful foreign objects like pens, nails, or needles, using market-leading Artificial Intelligence software. The machines undergo continuous training and parameter optimization to meet the specific needs of each laundry. However, detection quality depends on the garment types and searched items. 

ODIN easily recognizes items such as pens, needles, paper clips, scissors, lipsticks, lighters and sunglasses but struggles with thin plastic or paper due to a texture similarity to textiles. Overall, ODIN effectively detects harmful foreign objects, additionally enhancing employee safety by informing them of the exact object in rejected products. This not only improves worker safety, but also prevents wear and tear on textiles and costly machine repairs by preventing foreign objects from entering the washing process in the first place.


Quick and easy detection of harmful foreign objects, e.g., needles and pens

Reduces risk of cut and needle injuries

Increases employee health and safety

No more damaged washing machines and clothing items