ODIN X-ray scanner

With the ODIN X-ray scanner, foreign elements will no longer destroy laundry articles or machinery

Efficient and high-quality detection of foreign elements in soiled textiles

ODIN is able to scan and thereafter reject garments containing harmful foreign objects, e.g. pens, nails or needles. To achieve the best possible results, market-leading Artificial Intelligence software isused to keep the machine in training and optimize its parameters according to every laundry’s needs. Ultimately, the detection quality depends on the types of garments being scanned, as well as the
items being searched for. ODIN is able to process up to 2,000 pieces per hour. 

Overall though, ODIN is able to recognize all the foreign objects harmful for textiles, employees, as well as machines. This way employee health and safety can be improved drastically, as ODIN lets the workers know which exact object they will find in a rejected product, enabling them to be extra careful when removing it. Furthermore wear and tear of textiles, as well as costly repairs of machines can be avoided, since objects causing harm don’t make their way into the washing process any longer.

Line 1: Stand-Alone Scanning

Quick and easy detection of harmful foreign objects e.g., needles and pens

Reduces risk of cut and needle injuries

Increases employee health and saftey

No more damaged washing machines and clothing items

The most feared god of all is Odin. Legend has it that he is the mightiest warrior, as well as the wisest man. One of his powers being prophecy – very similar to our ODIN who, with the help of X-ray vision, always knows what’s hidden in all the products he is facing.