THOR.Home Robot Separator

automatically sorts your dirty laundry at home

Fully automatic separation of garments, linen and towels

The sorting of soiled textiles is a labor-intensive and repetitive task, characterized by challenging working conditions. Even the best employees are prone to occasional errors in the sorting process, potentially resulting in costly consequences for the laundry. This is precisely why we created THOR, Inwatec’s Robot Separator. However, errors in the sorting process aren’t only an issue in the industrial laundry industry, but also damage private washing machines and clothing items. This is where Inwatec’s newest innovation comes into play: THOR.Home.

THOR automatically separates products on the soiled side, making manual sorting redundant. Due to advanced software and the help of modern 3D cameras, THOR achieves rapid sorting. Utilizing its smart grippers, THOR adeptly manages garments, towels and linen. For our  Standard THOR separator, this resulted in a throughput of a minimum of 1,200 pieces per hour, depending on the size of the sorted articles.  As private households have a significantly lower amount of garments to handle, subsequently also the throughput is lower, resulting in 100-150 pieces per hour. Having to handle lower capacities also made it possible to shrink THOR.Home to a size that comfortably fits in a standard bathroom.

                                                                Standard THOR Robot Separator

                                                                THOR.Home in a private bathroom

This way, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manually sorting your dirty laundry at home. Just lift your household’s soiled items into the THOR.Home system, and let it take care of the rest. THOR.Home automatically categorizes your laundry into different groups such as dark wash, light wash, sensitive items, bedsheets, towels, and more, using state-of-the-art AI technology. It then suggests the perfect washing program tailored to each category.

Not only does this make doing laundry at home much more convenient, but it also means that anyone in the household, including children, can easily lend a hand. THOR.Home provides clear instructions on what needs to be done, eliminating worries about clothes shrinking or losing color. So, you can relax knowing that your laundry is in capable hands, making laundry day a breeze for everyone involved.

              Your benefits:


Automation of at-home laundry sorting

Increases efficiency

Automated sorting into adequate categories

AI-based suggestion of optimal washing program 

Small footprint, easy integration into a standard bathroom  

Watch the video below to see our standard soiled side sorting systems in action: