THOR Robot Separator

automatically separates products on the soiled side at high speed

Fully automatic separation of garments and flat linen

Sorting soiled textiles is a labor-intensive and repetitive task, characterized by challenging working conditions. Even the best employees are prone to occasional errors in the sorting process, potentially resulting in costly consequences for the laundry. However, this is where THOR comes into play. 

THOR automatically separates products on the soiled side, making manual sorting redundant. Due to advanced software and the help of modern 3D cameras, THOR achieves rapid sorting. Consequently, this results in a throughput of 1,200-1,500 pieces per hour, depending on the size of the sorted articles. Utilizing its smart grippers, THOR adeptly manages garments, towels and linen – ensuring a notable degree of sorting accuracy. 

With its help the manual sorting process on the soiled side can be simplified, if not entirely eliminated. In this case employees only have to lift the incoming laundry out of the trolley and into the sorting system. This significantly increases the level of automation of the laundry.  Moreover, it also upholds high hygiene standards by minimizing direct contact with soiled products.

              Your benefits:


Automation of soiled side sorting processes

Increases efficiency
High levels of correct laundry separation
Reduced risk of cut- and needle injuries
Modular design, easy integration into already existing systems

Watch the video below to see our soil side sorting systems in action: