TYPHOON.sorting – Mat Sorting Conveyor

Automated sorting of rolled mats

The mat TYPHOON.sorting automatically sorts rolled mats. The scalable design allows the system to perfectly fit various needs. Moreover, sorting modules can be added depending on the variety of mat types to be sorted. Sorting can be based on several criteria, such as RFID or actual mat sizes. Eventually, mats can be sorted directly into trolleys for further handling in the process.

Capacity: Capable of sorting up to 400 rolled mats/hour (depending on the added mat roll machine and size of the mats).

Machine footprint: Dimensions per module: LxWxH = 4041x70x940 mm

Add-on unit: for either the TYPHOON, HURRICANE or the TORNADO roll machine

Automatic sorting: Automatically sorts rolled mats into trolleys or pallets

Sorting criteria: The mat sorting conveyor can be set up to fit every sorting criteria such as lenght and width of mats and RFID

Plug n play units: any number of modules can be connected