On this page, we share our current status and the development history on the Robot Separator.

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Fully automatic separation of garments and textiles

The Robot Separator helps to separate garments and textiles and is optimal for feeding scanner systems at high speed as we use modern 3D cameras and advanced software to determine the next gripping area.

Product details

Introduction of Robot Separator to the US (June 2019)

At Clean Show 2019, Inwatec presented their THOR Robot Separator to the North American market for the very first time. The Separator performed a production of steady 1500 pieces per hour with a material mix of light workwear, heavy workwear, towels, and a few medium-sized sheets.

Most recent gripper tool design (March 2019)

Inwatec's custom-built gripper tool

New name for the Robot Separator (February 2018)

All our machines got new names according to the gods of Nordic mythology. The Robot Separator is now given the name "THOR", god of thunder. In mythology, THOR is the son of Odin, the name our X-Ray machine bears.

The Robot Separator at ExpoDetergo in Milan 2018

Included in a complete sorting line, the Robot Separator was presented at the EXPOdetergo in Milan 2018. Four days in a row, the visitors had the chance to experience the Robot Separator live in action.

During the four days, the system was running non-stop, and we are proud to tell that the Robot Separator and ODIN the X-ray scanner in average separated and scanned for unwanted items in the pockets on 1,600 pieces of garments per hour during the exhibition, resulting in an entirely automated production volume of 15.4 tons!

Current status of the Robot Separator (October 2018)

Recently, the robot separator has been updated from one gripper to two for an overall improved speed. Stay tuned for more information!


Gripper old version


Gripper updated version

New Design of the Robot Separator (July 2018)

The design of our robot separator got updated. See the old version and the machine update below.


Robot Separator old version


Robot Separator updated version

2nd Installation: November 2017

The second robot is shipped to Switzerland.

Video Update 3: 30. May 2017

  • Faster and more precise robot separator.


Video Update 2: 06. April 2017

Inwatec Robot Separator: Fully automatic separation of garments and textiles.


1st Installation: March 2017

The first robot is shipped to Nor Tekstil in Norway.


Video Update 1: 16. November 2016

  • Development in progress


First Video Presentation: 26. October 2016

Inwatec presents the automatic robot separator. The precision of a human but the endurance of a machine. All kinds of garments separated one-by-one at a high speed. Imagine there were no hands. We will be there very soon!


Development Start: June 2015

Inwatec started with the idea of creating a robot that automatically separates garment to load it into our X-ray and sorting systems individually.