Change the Inverter output from relais to digital and check damping of the pistons

Change the inverter’s output from relais to digital with this tutorial. If there is any help needed, do not hesitate to call us!

Required tools:
plain wire, flathead screwdriver, side cutter, cable stripper, crimping tool, crimp connectors

Step 1:
Unplug the machine from its power supply!
Locate the plus distributor and the two inverters behind the covering sheet metals!

Step 2:
Cut the cable ties that hold together the different wires going to the two inverters.

Step 3:
On the left inverter, move the wire from R1A to L0-!

Step 4:
On the left inverter, disconnect the wire R2A!

Move and connect R2A to L0- of the right inverter!

Step 5:
Create two new wires that are long enough to connect the inverters and the plus distributor!

On the right inverter, connect one of the wires to L0+!

On the left inverter, connect the second wire to L0+!

Step 6:
Lay both wires to the plus distributor!

Step 7:
Connect the other ends of both wires to the plus distributor! Make sure not to take a hole where S+ is connected to!

Step 8:
Reconnect the power and boot up the PLC. Check with the manual controls, if the pistons work fine!

Step 9:
Check if the damping of the pistons is adjusted correctly.

Locate the pistons under the cover of the machine´s left side!

Step 10:
Loosen both screws at the pressure-air inlet of the piston

Step 11:
fasten the screws again in the following way:

  • Top screw: 5 full revolutions
  • Bottom screw: 6 full revolutions

Step 12:
In case the machine makes funny noises/vibrates after this adjustment, the pistons can be damped a bit more by fastening the screws a little more.