How to change THOR gripper belts

Exchange the gripper belts on our THOR robot separator step by step with our tutorial. If there is any help needed, do not hesitate to call us!

Required tools: no tools needed, optional screwdriver or similar tool

Step 1:
Get new gripper belt(s) ready before you start

Step 2:
Press the button on the plastic cover and pull it off in the direction of the arrow

Step 3:
Remove the cover, put it aside

Step 4:
Evenly put the gripper belt off – carefully use a tool in case the belt sits too tight and cannot be removed manually

Step 5:
Put the new belt on in a reverse way. It can be turned in any direction

Step 6:
Evenly push the new belt around the gripper and down until it sits tight

Step 7:
Attach the cover reverse steps 1 and 2