Real Green is the new green

UPDATE: Post made for April Fools’ Day 2018 🙂

CEO Mads Andresen in front of the new green robot and sorting system

“The awareness of sustainability is steadily increasing in the industry in general, and in the laundry industry in particular.

It has long been one of our significant milestones in Inwatec that our technology in all ways to help laundries worldwide so that we can achieve a greener future together.

The Vortex Mat Roller is also among the redesigned models that are ready to ship.

Therefore, to highlight our green focus, we have decided that all machines in the future will be green.

“Green is the new green. In today’s world, if you want to be green, the only way is to make things green. Therefore we change the colour of all products from grey to green, and we are ready to take orders deliver the machines from today, April 1st, 2018,” Mads Andresen CEO of Inwatec tells.

Apart from the colour change, the Inwatec-series will soon be available in solar or pedal powered editions for laundries which are ready to go even greener.

You can see examples of the design of our new equipment on the pictures below. We do have some of the former Vortex-models in stock, and they can be acquired at a favorable price at a first come, first served basis. – Please contact us by mail/telephone and have your credit card handy.

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