Trust and freedom lead to innovative robots

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Explore the exciting world of robotics at Inwatec. Meet our talented student assistants who are the driving force behind our innovative projects. Discover how robots are integrated into our machines and get a sneak peek into the diverse projects our students are working on. Furthermore, get ready for a hands-on experience that will show you the incredible ways in which robotics is shaping our future.

Our Robotics Projects:

Learning by Trial and Error

A master thesis related to garment and linen handling sounds unusual at the first glance, hence if the topic is related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) it will be a really interesting as well as challenging project. Laus combines precisely these two subjects in his thesis. Specifically, he writes about developing AI to find the best gripping points of laundry articles and is totally satisfied with his choice.

Trust and freedom lead to innovative robots

Student projects at Inwatec often involve developing robots that have been specifically requested by customers. Consequently, this emphasizes the importance of a real-life scenario and actual data to us. Inwatec is always there to support students through their entire project – from start to finish. Students are also provided with dedicated office space, giving them the freedom to brainstorm and develop their ideas without constraints.

Modular setup and simple aesthetics

At Inwatec, flexibility is a cornerstone. Student projects are organized in a way to encourage as much creativity and exploration as possible. This dynamic environment also allows students to push boundaries, experiment and innovate. However, adaptability doesn’t stop at student projects. Thanks to our smartly designed modular systems different robots can be connected seamlessly, making laundry handling as smart as possible. 


Odense Robotics


Odense Robotics is Denmark’s national robot, automation and drone cluster, bringing together the entire ecosystem to drive innovation and growth in the industry nationwide.

To show where robot heroes grow, they followed Tudor, in his daily life as a software engineer at Inwatec.”Seeing what you had in your mind come true and be useful for somebody in the real world – that’s quite rewarding!”

Additionally, Inwatec makes frequent use of Odense Robotics various network meetings, providing us with the opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn about best practices within the robotics industry.

University of Southern Denmark


Implementing fresh ideas is what makes our work most interesting. For this reason we offer student jobs, project collaborations and in-company periods to connect with talented robotics students during their education at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) already. If you are interested in getting to know us a little better, stop by at our booth at SDU’s regular Praktik- og Projektdag and we will answer all your questions.

Laurence, former Robotics Student and Student Worker at Inwatec: “I’m really happy to be able to work with my company – and expand on what I’m learning during my studies as a part of my work.”

Your Robotics Career at Inwatec

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