Automating the most
manual processes

Modular and flexible: designed for your needs


We develop and offer automated sorting and textile handling solutions for different sectors. From mats, workwear, hospitality and healthcare to full-service laundries, we create and adjust solutions fitting to your needs.


As a laundry specialized in the healthcare sector, you have a high focus on the hygienic requirements of hospitals and care homes. Soiled textiles from the healthcare sector can contain needles and are potentially dangerous for your employees.

To reduce injuries in healthcare laundries, we offer customizable solutions to detect foreign objects in the textiles.


To offer the best comfort and quality for hotel- and restaurant guests, your laundry, specialized in the hospitality sector, needs to fulfill high hygienic requirements, especially for sheets and towels. Besides high demands on the soiled side, you need efficient clean side handling.

To increase your efficiency, we offer customizable soiled side sorting and clean side stacking solutions that automate manual processes.


Focused on industrial workwear, your laundry is dealing with heavy garments that require special treatment to clean them properly. The soiled side sorting process of garments from this sector is particularly dirty.

To remove the dirty work, we offer customizable sorting solutions to automate the processes of manual separating and sorting of textiles.


It is heavy and filthy work to clean and roll floor mats. Specialized in mat handling, your laundry employees face tedious and physical work that leads to unsatisfaction.

To increase your employee wellbeing, we offer customizable mat rolling solutions that automate the process of manually folding and storing the cleaned mats.

Why choose Inwatec


of our system solutions thanks to adabtable components

Low Maintenance & Remote Service

thanks to simple mechanics and advanced software

Employee Satisfaction

thanks to reduced injuries through automating tedious tasks


 thanks to the cost reduction throguh more efficient processes