Automating the most
manual processes

Modular and flexible: designed for your needs


We design and offer automated sorting and textile handling solutions across various sectors, including mats, workwear, hospitality, healthcare and full-service laundries. Our goal is to create and customize solutions that perfectly match your specific needs.


As a laundry service dedicated to the healthcare sector, your primary concern lies in meeting the strict hygiene standards of hospitals and care homes. Indeed, soiled textiles from the healthcare sector, which may include needles, pose a potential risk to your employees. 

To reduce the risk of injuries in healthcare laundries, we provide tailored solutions for detecting foreign objects in textiles. 


In order to provide optimal comfort and quality for hotel- and restaurant guests, your laundry, specializing in the hospitality sector, must meet strict hygiene standards – especially for sheets and towels. In addition to high standards for soiled items, efficient handling of the clean side is essential. 

For this reason, to increase your efficiency we provide tailor-made solutions for sorting soiled items and stacking clean items – both automating manual processes.


Specializing in industrial workwear, your laundry deals with heavy garments that demand special treatment to ensure proper cleaning. The soiled side sorting process for garments in this sector can be particularly challenging. 

To eliminate the tedious work, we provide tailored sorting solutions, automating the manual processes of separating and sorting textiles.


Cleaning and rolling floor mats can be a laborious and messy task, putting a strain on your staff. Clealry, this tedious, physical work often results in dissatisfaction among employees. 

In order to enhance the well-being of your team, we provide customizable mat rolling solutions that automate the otherwise cumbersome manual process of folding and storing the cleaned mats.

The Inwatec Benefit

Modular Components

Our modules are fully customizable for ultimate flexibility – tailored to your specific needs.

Easy Maintenance

Local support from the JENSEN-GROUP and remote assistance from Inwatec ensure quick problem solving – anywhere, anytime.

Simple Engineering & Easy Operation

Simple design, smart software. No need for specialized engineers – your existing team can handle our machines.

Employee Satisfaction

 Automating tedious tasks frees up your team for more complex responsibilities and makes for a safer work environment.