Transforming industrial
laundries worldwide

Creating better and safer work enviroments

Automated handling of

Soiled Textiles

To automate the process of the soiled side sorting, we have developed a variety of modular products that can be integrated into a sorting system. From foreign object detection over automated separating, classifying and sorting of the textiles, we can customize the products according to your needs.



automatically sorts different types of soiled products, adjustable to as many sorting categories as needed

Automated handling of

clean textiles

Stack storing and packing are two processes that we can automate on the clean side. We have developed system solutions for both procedures that we can adjust and integrate into your laundry process to increase your efficiency on the clean side.

Bag Packing Machine

Our innovative Bag Packing Machine is the perfect solution for automated full-scale handling of small laundry articles such as mops or rags.

Inwatec system

GREIT Stack Storage System

Our innovative GREIT stack storage system serves as a buffer between folding machines and logistics area. It is the perfect solution to take over the automatic storage of flatwork.

Inwatec stack storage system
Automated handling of


To simplify and automate your heavy work, we have developed several mat rolling and mat sorting solutions. Depending on your needs, we can adjust our products to best integrate them into your laundry workflow.

The Inwatec Benefit

Modular Components

Our modules are fully customizable for ultimate flexibility – tailored to your specific needs.

Easy Maintenance

Local support from the JENSEN-GROUP and remote assistance from Inwatec ensure quick problem solving – anywhere, anytime.

Simple Engineering & Easy Operation

Simple design, smart software. No need for specialized engineers – your existing team can handle our machines.

Employee Satisfaction

 Automating tedious tasks frees up your team for more complex responsibilities and makes for a safer work environment.