Textile Handling – Service and Tutorials

Below you will find different tutorials on how to operate and make adjustments on various machines for textile handling. Feel free to contact us anytime via mail if you miss anything.

Tutorial – X-Ray Machine: ‘Check reject’ module

The operator can accept manually the garment, even if it was rejected by the software... More

Garment types in the X-Ray Machine

Light garments Light garments, such as hospital-, food industry- or personal garments have typically very... More

Progress of the Inwatec Robot Separator

On this page, we share our current status and the development history on the Robot... More

General replacements

General Replacements – Service and Tutorials

Below you will find different tutorials on how to replace various components that are used... More

How to connect the SiteManager – Tutorial

How to connect the SiteManager

  1. Locate the Secomea SiteManager inside the power cab
  2. Make sure the device is powered on (green LED)
  3. Make sure DEV1 is connected to the touch panel (PLC)
  4. Connect a Ethernet cable with Internet connection to UPLINK1
  5. When ‘STATUS’ is Solid Green the device is online
  6. Contact us for further Information

Installing new Sorting Machine for soiled laundry in Denmark

We just installed our new Sorting Machine for soiled laundry in a laundry in Odense, Denmark.

No time-consuming sorting before the washing is necessary anymore. With our machine soiled laundry items, such as mops and rags, are sorted efficiently:

  • The machine sorts automatically 3.000 laundry items per hour.
  • Laundry items with the same RFID-chip are automatically transported to the corresponding container.
  • From the container, all laundry items are transfered automatically to the bag system.
  • It is possible to add our Uniform XRay after the Sorting Machine to sort out foreign elements like needles or pens.

Please find more information here or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Installing our new Bag Machine in a laundry in Norway

With the Bag Machine the process of packing and counting of laundry items, e.g. mops, is improved significantly:

  • The machine counts the laundry items fast due to RFID-technology or weight.
  • Laundry items without the correct RFID-chip or weight are automatically rejected.
  • The machine packs the desired amount of laundry items in one bag. Time consuming counting is not necessary anymore.
  • An integrated printer puts an individual barcode on the packed bags.

Please find more information under products on our homepage or contact us directly if you have any questions.