Tutorial – X-Ray Machine: ‘Check reject’ module

The operator can accept manually the garment, even if it was rejected by the software and prevents therefore a sorting out the certain garment. ‘Reject’ (red)  and ‘Accept’ (green) buttons are on the screen and on the inlet table.


Step 1: 

Set the machine to “check reject” mode on the screen

Step 2:

The machine now watis for an input from the operator.

Garment can now be manually rejected (red button) or accepted (green button).

Please press the “reject button” in case the garment contains foreing objects.

How to connect the SiteManager – Tutorial

How to connect the SiteManager

  1. Locate the Secomea SiteManager inside the power cab
  2. Make sure the device is powered on (green LED)
  3. Make sure DEV1 is connected to the touch panel (PLC)
  4. Connect a Ethernet cable with Internet connection to UPLINK1
  5. When ‘STATUS’ is Solid Green the device is online
  6. Contact us for further Information

Good remote-support is an important part of the full package

German DBL Staufer has its headquarters more than 1000 kilometres from Odense in Denmark where Inwatec is based. But the thought of a long distance relationship was no problem to the German laundry group when ordering a mat roller – as long as the support part was in place.

“It would have been an issue for us if the machines halts while we are waiting for a person physically to come from Denmark to Germany to fix the problems, but the way the remote-support works, we do not need to worry,” controller Mattias Schöll tells.

“We have used the remote-support a couple of times, and there is no doubt that it eases the troubleshooting.  When a problem arises, we can show it online with pictures, Skype, Facetime or the like. It only requires that it is the right persons that are connected,” Matthias Schöll explains.

“Our interface on the ERP-system initially did not work as it was supposed to do when connected to the mat roller, but we had the problem solved in collaboration between the Inwatec supporter and our IT-department. We also had a printing device added on the mat roller that did not function properly, but that was handled well on the remote-support as well,” says Matthias Schöll.

As a huge player in the German laundry business, DBL Staufer gets lots of attention from most of its machine suppliers, and Mattias Schöll admits that DBL Staufer also expects special treatment on the support.

“Most of our suppliers offer a combination of remote-support an on-site-support. I think that it is a natural www.carolin-tietz.depart of the service solutions nowadays. One of our very big suppliers has a hotline for the DBL-group alone. Then there is always one number that responds when needed. We do not demand that set-up from our smaller suppliers, but the more, the better,” he adds.

Matthias Schöll, who is the son of DBL Staufer owner Ulrich Schöll in the family run business, stresses that while good support is a huge part of the deal, it is not the most important part.

“We are considering to invest in a mat roller-sorting system from Inwatec, and the support solution needs to be good – but the essential thing is that price and quality of the product fulfil our needs,” he ends.

We make unique machines with standard components

Claes StanleyWhen your company invests in a machine from Inwatec, you can rest assured, that we have had daily maintenance on top of our mind when we designed it.

The philosophy at Inwatec is that if something breaks then, our costumers should be able quickly to replace the broken part – no matter if they live next door in Denmark or they have a laundry in Shanghai, China, or Saskatoon, Canada. That’s why Inwatec machines are built with standard components that are available all over the world.

“Apart from the steel chassis and the software, everything essential part can be required easily. Whether it’s a touch panel, the rollers in the mat machine, a conveyor belt or a simple bolt, our costumers can find the item number written in the technical specifications for the device,” tells chief engineer Claes Stanley from Inwatec.

Engineered with maintenance in mind
The simplicity is an important part of the systems and the availability of the parts is researched before the first prototype is built. Everything piece is ISO-certified and when the parts are upgraded – for instance when computers get faster and better, the technical descriptions are updated so the customer can buy the best suitable replacement.

“At Inwatec we want to make sure that our costumers always have machines that are running at maximum efficiency, and we do not lock them into our system. We can supply the spare parts of course, but if anyone wants to buy elsewhere, they are free to do so,” underlines Claes Stanley.

He adds that not only are the spare parts easy to acquire. The engineering team also have simplicity in mind when choosing how to disassemble and rebuild the machines.

“At our workshop it is essential to the building speed that we can do with relatively few and simple tools, and of course, it is the same when the product is delivered. That’s why our machines can be fixed with simple hand tools, and only a small tool box is required to do 90 percent of the work,” says Claes Stanley.

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