Easy and efficient management of stacked linen

Storage of clean linen between machinery and logistical areas has to be planned and thought-out well. Folded linen have to be parked before getting transported to the logistical areas. Using space efficiently while having a high input and output of stacks are highly demanded features for an innovative solution.

Inwatec aims to drive forward the automation of processes within laundries. Finding an efficient way to store linen was a challenge to be solved.

Inwatec’s linen stack storage meets the requirements to buffer cleaned linen after folding the textiles and before shipping them back to the customer. Time-consuming manual trolley handling can be replaced.

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The system consists of multiple conveyors that transport clean, stacked laundry items to the linen stack storage. The system handles about 225 stacks per hour. According to individual needs the input and output can be adjusted.

The stacks are automatically buffered and distributed on the integrated conveyors and shelves. The Stack Storage System offers a fully automatic storage and transportation of stacked laundry items. In total, it provides an easy and efficient management of clean, stacked laundry items.

Watch our Stack Storage System in action:

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New video about process of handling mats at Schäfer Matten

Watch the new video about the complete process of handling mats (washing, rolling and storing) at the laundry Schäfer Matten in Germany.

Read what our customer thinks about our installed Storage System: “The Inwatec Storage System works very well. Before installing the machine, we had a huge logistical problem due to the high amount of different kind of mats. Now the problem is solved – it is possible to load and unlaod the mats at the same point which also shortens the workpath for our employees. The error rate is minimized – thanks to the RFID technology we are now always able to find the correct mat. Another benefit for us is that the Inwatec Storage System is easy to use for all our employees. We are very happy with the machine.” (Martin Schäfer, Manager of Matten Schäfer)

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