VORTEX mat roller #300 shipped

The production team behind the Inwatec VORTEX mat rollers is proud to ship number 300

When the Inwatec VORTEX mat roller was introduced in 2016, it was meant to fill in a gap in the market. Four years later, VORTEX number 300 is shipped to a customer in the US, and the model is now the go-to-machine in many big laundry organizations.

In 2016 the mat rolling machines on the market were either large, high-capacity pass-through machines or return-to-operator machines with a much lower capacity due to a lot of manual handling and waiting time. That changed overnight with the VORTEX, which has a unique, patented roll-over system that supports a safe and efficient one man-maneuvering:

“The VORTEX looked pretty much like the existing mat rollers in the market, but the rollover system allows one person to roll up to 400 mats per hour, and at the same time, it has a minimal footprint,” Inwatec CEO Mads Andresen explains.

The first VORTEX delivered is still running as it was supposed to, and according to the customer, the daily average is still 220 rolled mats per hour.

Over the years, smaller changes have been made to fine-tune the performance of the VORTEX, but basically, machine number 300 is made from the same recipe as the first one, and the roll-over system is patented in USA, Australia, and Europe. The most significant change is that since 2019 the VORTEX has been available in two versions. Today the VORTEX mat roller can also be ordered in a version with an integrated RFID scanner that allows the customer to register the mats that are being rolled automatically.

“We have had some requests from customers who wanted to keep track of their inventory with RFID readers. Now we have found a solution that works well technically without changing the other properties of the machine,” says CTO Claes Stanley, who at the same time announces that all future VORTEX machines will be ready for the RFID reader option.

“With the new design, the VORTEX can quite easily be upgraded if the customer needs it later, even if the RFID reader was not a part of the original order,” Claes Stanley continues.

Watch the smart return-to-operator mat roller in action:

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