VORTEX – small footprint, great impact

With its return-to-operator layout and the very small footprint, the VORTEX can be used in any laundry environment.

Since its launch in 2016, the demand for Inwatec’s VORTEX has increased steadily. In May 2018, we celebrated that machine number 100 left production in Odense, and a little more than a year later, we will see machine number 230 be packed in a container heading towards its final destination.

Despite the immense success with the VORTEX, we have decided to alter the design a bit, and after a lot of testing, we are now pleased to announce that we soon ship the first upgraded VORTEX machines from Inwatec.

The newly added feature is that the VORTEX mat roller can be ordered in a version with an integrated RFID scanner that allows the customer to register the mats that are being rolled automatically.

Update as a response to customer needs

CTO Claes Stanley is always involved in improving Inwatec’s mat rollers and their efficiency

“We have had a number of requests from customers who wanted to keep track of their inventory with RFID readers, and now we have found a solution that works well technically without changing the other properties of the machine,” says CTO Claes Stanley, who at the same time announces that all future VORTEX machines will be ready for the RFID reader option.

“With the new design, the VORTEX can quite easily be upgraded if the customer needs it later, even if the RFID reader was not a part of the original order,” he continues.

The VORTEX is characterized by a remarkably small footprint in relation to the production capacity. Because of the patented roll-over feature, the machine is loaded from the front, where the mat is also returned, rolled, and the design supports efficient one man-maneuvering.

View more information about the VORTEX here. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding the new RFID option.

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